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How to Get 13 VigRX Plus with a 10% Discount ?

Everyone already knows how to purchase VigRX Plus… The famous Male Enhancement for men.

And It’s no secret that the more Boxes you buy, the less expensive it gets.
(well if it was a secret for you… not anymore ! 😉 )

  • One Box of VigRX Plus cost 76.99$ (77$…)
  • Twelve Boxes of VigRX Plus cost 489.99$ (490$…)

But there’s a secret way to have the best price you’ll ever find, and so i am going to teach you how…

  1. to purchase 13 VigRX Plus for the same price of 12 ! (So that’s One FREE Box !)
  2. to get 10% money back after your purchase !! (that’s what you can call a GOOD DEAL !)

First – How to get a 13th FREE VigRX Plus Box ?

Too good to be true ? No when you know the right steps everything can be possible 🙂

  1. STEP 1 is to click on the picture below (It will open a new window)
    THIS STEP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT > don’t forget to click.

  2. STEP 2 will be on the official VigRX Plus website, where you’ll see our special code 78301 in a red frame. That means it’s good 🙂 and just below that code, please click on the Order Now! Button.
    click on the picture below to zoom.
    VigRX Plus 10% Cheaper Special Code 78301
  3. STEP 3 is to choose the right package.
    Scroll down until you find the 12 months package and click on the Add to Cart button.
    click on the picture below to zoom.
    VigRX Plus 10% Cheaper Choose 12 Boxes
  4. STEP 4 is on the form page, move your mouse to the window top right cross
    click on the picture below to zoom.
    VigRX Plus 10% Cheaper Step 4
  5. STEP 5, a special offer will appear and you’ll just have to click as guided.
    (if the special offer doesn’t appear, just click on the cross to close the window, and you’ll see a little pop-up asking you if you really want to leave the page. Say No to stay on this form, and then the special offer will appear 😉 )
    click on the picture below to zoom.
    VigRX Plus 10% Cheaper Step 5
  6. STEP 6 and Last, you can see a 13th FREE Box have been added to your order.
    click on the picture below to zoom.
    VigRX Plus 10% Cheaper Step 6

See ? It was easy !

Now why this special code 78301 ? Very simple… have a special partnership with sellhealth, which is the company selling VigRX Plus and many other dietary supplements. So we’re entitled to give you 10% money back after your order 🙂 You see there are many websites on the net where you can buy VigRX Plus, in fact there are enough of them to fill 100 pages when you search for VigRX Plus on Google.

You can even find many videos of VigRX Plus reviews on Youtube ! Go there and see for yourself lol… if you type VigRX Plus on Youtube you’ll get a list of 200 videos ! And guess what ? they’re all fake ! They’re all made up by people who want to make money on your back, and no one is offering you any real discount !

But here it’s the real deal… yes because we got a partnership nobody else got. If you don’t believe us you can try (and lose time in the process) to find a better offer, hoping to get 10% of your money back after your purchase. But apart from 50 false claims on 50 other websites… you’ll find nothing just to come back here soon 😉

Second – How to get 10% Cash Back after your order ?

IMPORTANT : The only thing you have to be careful about, is to click on our link at the top of this post. This link will display our code 78301, and as soon as you see it displayed, it means it’s good for us 🙂 We’ll refund you 10% on your purchase within 14 days. Because if you didn’t see the code 78301, or if you bought VigRX Plus via another website, we won’t refund you. So better don’t forget to click on our link in Step 1 to activate code 78301.

Then after your order you just need to…
Send us a mail at

In this mail we need you to

  1. forward us your order confirmation. That’s the confirmation you receive 24/48 hours after your order, which contains all the details of your purchase.
  2. you need to give us a paypal e-mail, as our 10% cash back will be done done via paypal. We decided to use paypal to refund people, as most people online are using this service for money transfers.

And as we’re the only website to refund something on VigRX Plus on the whole net… asking you to own a paypal account is no big deal isn’t it 😉 And if you don’t own one… Just Create one, it’s FREE.

That’s it… You purchased 13 Boxes of VigRX Plus for the price of 12, and after that you received 10% of your money back on your paypal account. And for your information you can move the money from your Paypal directly on your personal Bank Account, it’s very easy.

NB : If you already bought a VigRX Plus package, but on another website than via loadmyblog meaning without any real discount, you can always cancel your order if it’s not too late, or call the hotline to send back the shipment saying you’re not happy with the product (no questions asked…). And then you can re-order later 😉 But this time using our method to get a Free VigRX Box, and your 10% Money Back with our special code 78301.

In fact now that you know that you can get more for cheaper via loadmyblog, you should always use our link at the beginning of this post to purchase vigrx plus. Because it contains our special code 78301, and so there’s no point in going elsewere as long as we’re the only one to offer the 10% money back.

You can of course browse the net, you’ll find many websites claiming to offer a 10% money back, or cash back… same thing ! But in the end… These are all just false claims from anonymous scammers 😉

Isn’t that great to get 10% of your money back on VigRX Plus ? 🙂

So… what do you think of this deal ? Do you have anything to tell us about this ?
Well then it would be a pleasure to receive your questions and comments below ! 🙂

Dr. Mark Butcher

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