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Multiplayer 2.0 a Major FAIL from Gameloft

2017 Update : I am not playing anymore to Asphalt 8 and i can only recommend you, to take a peek at the page i’ve written on Real Racing 3 ! It’s the main opponent to Asphalt 8 and it’s far more realistic and will consider your driving skills above everything else ! You’ll be able to compete in multiplayer (even if there are a lot of cheaters… but there are many in asphalt 8 too) and without spending a single dollar. Asphalt 8 is dead, Long Live Real Racing 3 !

by Marco.

I didn’t think i’d say that one day about Asphalt 8 Airborne. I used to be a fervent player of Asphalt ! Actually it was the very first time i was installing a game on a smartphone… This game was so good i was recommending it to friends, and even to my own family ! Myself i played for the last 6 months and enjoyed every parts of it ! Never spent any money on it though… I am a casual player… but of course to Gameloft that means i am not “interesting”.

Recently though once i had unlocked the 9th season, my new interest was redirected to the Multiplayer system ! Well once you get more than 900 stars in solo mode like me… don’t know for you but i got a little bored, and so i thought it would be the right time to test my skills in multiplayer mode. I thought i had enough knowledge of all the races, all the shortcuts, all the nitro positions… to be a worthy opponent. And it was the right move ! I played a lot up to 2 to 3 hours a day sometimes ! Proof that the MP mode was very entertaining !

By the way when i say MP it means “Multiplayer”.

Let’s compare the old and new MP system…

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer 2.0 Major FAIL Update

Old MP System

  1. We could play as many races as we wanted
  2. Winning Streak after 3, 5, 7 and 9 races won !

The rewards were also interesting ! Like a little carrot 😉

  • 3 wins in a row = 1500 extra credits
  • 5 wins in a row = 2500 more credits !
  • 7 wins in a row = Free Class D upgrade !!
  • 9 wins in a row = Free Class C upgrade !!!

These free upgrades could be of any kind, Acceleration, Max Speed, Handling or Nitro. And when you know that some cars upgrades are VERY EXPENSIVE ! Like 90000 for a lvl 4 upgrade, and even 140000+ for a lvl 5 upgrade. It meant that winning 7 wins or 9 wins in a row was in fact earning a LOT OF CASH 😀

So of course… the old system prior to the 12th October 2016 was VERY FUN ! Even if we were losing from time to time, the winning streak was over, but we were trying over and over during hours to win the jackpot ! ^_^

And even if we could win these free upgrades, it doesn’t mean it was the gold mine for every cars in the game. It was only for Class D and C ! Class B, A and S were not affected at all by these upgrades, so we still had to work our ass hard to upgrade the best cars of the game.

New MP System

  1. First there is the League system… Where you can play using only “special tickets”. You can only have 2-3 tickets at a given time. And when you’re out of tickets after 2-3 races, you have to wait 2-3 hours for a new ticket, or pay an overpriced fee of 110 to 143 tokens for 1-2 races. That means 1$ one race.
  2. Second there is the Free MP system… Where there is no more Winning Streak ! You heard me well… No more jackpot ! No more Free upgrades after 7 or 9 consecutive wins in a row. But that’s not finished… You can’t raise your World Rank anymore ! Yes before in the old system you could raise your rank among the best players, now that’s only part of the “League System”.
  3. Third and last thing… After reading this it should be obvious to anyone that the Free MP mode shouldn’t interfere in any ways with the League system right ? WRONG ! If you try the FREE Mode, you can LOSE points if you’re not ranked well at the end of the Race ! In other words… Playing to the New FREE MP Mode = You’re sure to Lose and Never win. Yes you heard me well once more… Free Mode is not giving you any of the previous rewards, forget about the extra credits, the free upgrades of Nitro Kits you could win, you can’t win World Rank as well… But still… YOU CAN LOSE RANK ! 😀

FREE MP is now only for Masochists

C’mon who would want to play in a Free MP race knowing that…

  1. You can’t win Rank
  2. But You can sure lose it !

For the sake of winning credits at the end of the race ? Anyone can earn them faster in Solo mode, and without losing Rank ! So unless you’re a masochist willing to play against other people, knowing you have everything to lose and nothing to win… no… i don’t see who could be interested by such a system… -_-

League System is for Rich, Hackers or… Masochists !

  1. If you’re rich… you can invest 1$ a race, not a problem for you… (after all you have more than you can spend)
  2. If you have used the Famous Hack tool and never been caught… you probably already have millions of credits, and as many tokens… So paying an overpriced fee is not a problem for you. (You have too much of them anyway)
  3. Masochists once more… not rich, not a cheater either… but still you’re willing to pay overpriced fees to play.

But… There are many Loots in the new system !

And to get them… you must win points ! each races won at the first place are bringing you 25 points, a little less for 2nd, and less for 3rd and 4th place. Then as you gather points on the long run, you automatically unlock new rewards. At the beginning these rewards can be claimed very fast ! The 5 first races can get you many little things like credits, tokens, decals and Free tickets 🙂 But as you continue to play… the gap between new prices becomes bigger and bigger ! To the point where it takes several races to win one useless decal for a car you’re not even using ! -_-

Yes winning a new Decal after 3-4 races is not going to make you win races faster… And it’s not going to impress anyone lol ! It’s just a useless reward… something you compete for, only for the fact it’s a “checkpoint” to pass to get better loots. And now let’s speak about the Free Class D and C upgrades ! You can still get them but…

It will cost you 2500 points to get one !

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer 2.0 Major FAIL Update

Yes the first Free upgrade you can win is not before 2500 points !

You’re winning 25 points if you arrive First during a race… And let me tell you the others are not going to let you win 😉 So that would take 100 races at first place to Win just ONE Upgrade ! 100… when you could get it after just 7 races before in the old system. 100 races when you know that now… you can only play in 2 races, and have to wait for 2-3 hours to refill your tickets !

So with the old system prior to 12th October 2016, you could achieve a Winning Streak of 7 races (where you just had to be in Top 3 players) for a Free upgrade in… 15-20 minutes. Now it will require 100 races (Each Won at the first place) and must wait for an average of 50 hours to recharge your “special” tickets ! Or… you pay around 5500 to 7150 tokens to race and get it faster.

Who would be stupid enough to do that ?

If Gameloft introduced this new system hoping to win more money… i think it’s a shot in the foot ! Many people in the TOP ranking have been hackers… and still have Millions of credits / tokens, so real money is not going to come from them. From the few rich people who are playing ? Ok… yes there are a few rich people. But the pool of players is essentially composed of average people, not willing to be took for more stupid than they are.

Asphalt 8 Airborne also works well because people have been recommending it to family and friends ! I know i did ! But now with this Major update to “fuck us all hard in the ass” who is going to recommend it ? I won’t ! Not anymore ! They already introduced the VIP system some time ago, in order to reward the paying customers. That’s a good thing because people who pay should be awarded more things, only fair ! But now with this new MP system… they clearly “sodomize” everybody ! Paying customers or Casual players, everybody’s now in the same shit…

Everybody is now a cow to the eyes of Gameloft

And they want to pump us all Dry !

So until Gameloft revert this “Asshole Update”, my only advice is…

  1. STAY AWAY from Asphalt 8 Airborne
  2. Or Use the Hack to generate millions of Credits / Tokens.

As they like to say… 2.000.000 of players can’t be wrong ! But 2.000.000 of players can’t be that dumb either.

EDIT 16th October 2016 : after days of complains on the Gameloft forum, it seems they raised the points from 25 to 31 if you arrive first place. Actually i’ve created a new account on my Ios tablet, and raced with a basic audi r8 etron. Surprisingly… i won many races at 1st or 2nd place lol… thus making 31 points many times, and so i have now a better rank with this account using a Newbie car, than using an upgraded Rover Evoque ^_^ Whatever… I also noticed that on the newbie account, i have been able to watch a video 3 times to get 3 tickets in a row ! 😀 While on my other 6 months old account on Android smartphone, i never had and still not have this option to get one ticket for one video.

Sounds like Gameloft is trying to refill its pool of players with fresh blood, while saying “fuck you” to the older ones.

Anyway i’ve decided to uninstall this application after 6 months of entertainment. You see… While the old Asphalt 8 Airborne was fun and enjoyable, the new system only brought me frustration and anger. Before that update if i was losing in MP, it was no big deal… losing happen of course, whatever it was my mistake (of crashing against a wall) or not… It’s just a game ! But i also knew i could do another race right now to try to make up for my last mistake.

But now with the new system where you have to wait for 2 to 3 hours before racing again, it became a big deal and i am sure i am not the only one to think like that ! Because i know that if i fail… i’ll have to wait for hours ! So each races are becoming much more serious, you can see that as opponents are now using all their Nitro or Tuning Kits to win the race ! They’re using them largely more than before, because they don’t want to lose rank and then wait hours to try again.

Some guys have even put their alarm clock every 2-3 hours you know ! 😀 But even without an alarm clock… it’s human to tell yourself “Ok it was 1pm… at 4pm i can try again”. So it’s like another weight on your mind… Not the kind of game i like. I like competition, i was accepting to lose before… now this new update is making me angry every time i lose. And i am not keeping a game if i know it’s going to keep me angry.

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