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Asphalt 8 Airborne – Multiplayer !

by Marco.

This is an old post… You can find an updated version to know the best cars for Multiplayer here.

Please don’t yell… the pictures are in french because i am !

You know… i’ve played to Asphalt 8 in solo mode for 4 months before trying out the multiplayer mode ^_^ Why ? Well… i am no cheater, and so before being tempted to compare my skills with other players of the world, i wanted to learn all the races, nitro positions on the road, shortcuts, to unlock new seasons, and to try all the cars i could.

Then once i’ve unlocked the 9th season, i began to lose interest in the solo mode when i saw the races were only available to MAX cars. Only got 4 Maxed cars so farming stars is going to be long ! Though i’ve noticed that once Season 9 is unlocked, i could farm credits pretty fast ! Did it with a 1:23 minutes race (Scion) for 4500 credits, and then later unlocked the RUF class A for its 1:01 race and still winning the same amount. Add to that a Double Credits by spending 100 tokens (won during events) and you can easily reach 100.000 credits in 15 minutes.

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Which car is the best for multiplayer ?

I began to play a lot in multiplayer since the end of August 2016… why ? because like many other people i was playing a little each day, and by the end of the month i got the Mitsubishi Lancer X… When i looked at the car stats, i told myself… “what a shitty car lol !”, not going to serve in any events for sure !

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat cars

And in the meantime i had saved enough tokens to buy the Nanoflowcell Quantino, a nice little blue car that you can customize. And when i tried it in multiplayer (with only lvl 1 upgrades) i found it awesome !! Frankly… It was great as i was winning every races ! I remember i did 4 or 5 consecutive 9 Winning Streaks ! That means i’ve won a lot of FREE Upgrades for Class D and then C 🙂

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat carsAsphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat cars

The bad news is… i didn’t know i had to be careful about upgrading a “low rank” car… and i learned it the hard way ! I began to use all these FREE upgrades on my Quantino, and as my car was becoming more powerful, so did the competitors the game had me to face. But these guys had upgraded their cars in a better way (Max Speed, Pro Kits…) And then it wasn’t as fun as it was at the beginning…

And so… i was a little sad and that’s where i began to look at the forums, where i learned that if you wanted to shine in multiplayer, you better had to be careful about your upgrades ! So… I tried the Mitsubishi Lancer X… yes the shitty car i won for Free as a daily claim… and guess what ? It rocked the hell out of the road ! Frankly i didn’t expect that…

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat carsAsphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat carsAsphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat cars

And i don’t know how the game works… but as equal ranks, when i am using a Lancer X, my opponents are not as strong as when i am using the Quantino. Of course i wasn’t always 1st with the Lancer X, but most of the time (i can clearly say 90% and more) i was in the top 3, and the top 3 is enough to get the upgrades ! 😉

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat cars

Then i also made a bad investment lol… (picture just above) there was this car the Cadillac ATS-V Coupe which i spent my saved tokens for, and it was a very bad move. I used pretty much all the FREE Class C upgrades i won to upgrade it, and basically it never served me well ! When i choose this car in multiplayer, i have to face opponents who are ranked far higher than me, and finishing in Top 3 is seriously difficult. Bad investment ! If you’re reading these lines… tell me what to improve on this car to get me out of the water lol.

Then came the Dezir and Evoque God…

While racing with the Lancer X, i usually spend 15 seconds at the end of each races to analyze my close opponents in Top 3. Their rank and their position… and i saw that from time to time the Renault Dezir was killing me with a ferocious Nitro !!! Renault Dezir…wait a minute ! I have this car since a long time lol… It’s in fact the very first car i bought with event tokens ! I bought it because i wanted to max out the 90 stars of the season 1 lol, but apart from that i never used it before ! For me an asphalt newbie it was just a crappy car !

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat cars

I looked at the stats… low rank ! low speed… 🙁 but tremendous Nitro ! And so i began to understand, why i was seeing all these little cars drifting endlessly in front of me ! That was to boost the nitro gauge ! So i’ve tried this car and found it fun… though sometimes the drifts can become tricky ! Drift too much and you’re gone in the wall lol. The low speed can also kill you sometimes… If you don’t manage your nitro well enough, you can end up with no nitro in front of a ramp… and at 200km/h you’re not even sure to fill the gap !

Anyway the Dezir can be fun to drive, and despite what some could say… it requires skill to win with a Dezir ! Trust me… give the Dezir in the hands of someone who is not handling endless drifts well, who doesn’t know the position of nitros, and everyone will outrun it ! I have already outrunned a Dezir with my LancerX… as you can see on the picture below, and the guy was ranked higher than me with 3 Boosts !!! As i said… he was surely a good player, but not handling the Dezir that well 😉

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat cars

Finally… i also met the Range Rover Evoque ! That thing is a huge cheater car ! And so i bought one lol… Sorry but when you’re outrunned most of the time by the same car, whatever your skill level… You begin to find that a little unfair !

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat cars

Ok from time to time i manage to beat the Evoque with the Lancer X… but it’s maybe 25% of the time !

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat cars

So i bought the Evoque, it was just 125.000 Credits and while it’s not that good at the beginning… the more you begin to upgrade it the right way (Max Speed and Pro Kits for Max Speed), the more it becomes a space rocket ! I just began to upgrade it a little and i already won 3 races in a row at 1st place… Even with the LancerX i couldn’t achieve that !

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat cars

Funny thing is i was battling against the same opponents ! And 2 of them decided to team up to kick me right from the beginning 😀 That’s why on the 2nd and 3rd picture, they were closer to me by the end of the race, as they tried to knock me down over and over lol 😀 I was the target !

Asphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat carsAsphalt 8 Multiplayer best or cheat cars

The secret of the Evoque lies in 3 things…

  1. Best Drift i’ve ever seen ! When you’re taking a sharp turn, the Evoque can turn with a crazy 90° ! At each sharp turns you’ll loose all your opponents little by little.
  2. The Evoque is never losing time when drifting or so few… When its drifting just a little (but enough to fill your Nitro Bar) you’re kinda always at full speed while doing so. (Obviously this is a cheat car !)
  3. The acceleration seems horrible at first, but its Nitro is Godly ! You don’t need Acceleration… just a little Nitro and you’re already at Max speed in no time ^_^

Racing with an Evoque upgraded Max Speed and Pro Kits (for speed) is like a relaxing ballad on a sunday morning… everyone’s behind, and you can enjoy the landscape lol… Of course if you have mastered Asphalt 8, you have the Shelby Cobra which can outrun the Evoque… In fact even the Dezir can outrun an Evoque, but it’s going to require more skills ! The Evoque can be the perfect car to win without too much trouble…

Though with the upcoming multiplayer update… i fear they might nerf the Dezir of Evoque capabilities ! Oh well if they do that, at least it will become more fair for everyone.

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