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But… What is Chlorogen 800 ? Answer in Video !

Losing Weight while doing nothing ? It’s now real and it’s called Chlorogen 800 !

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⭐ What can Chlorogen 800 do for You ? ⭐

Dr. Oz new green coffee bean extract benefits have been seen on pretty much every tv shows ! Now of course if you peel away the layers of marketing hype, you can also find scientific numbers from a trustful study, published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity.

Each of the volunteers (men and women) lost an average of :

  • 17 lbs of Weight ! That’s pretty good !
  • 10% Overall Body Weight ! That’s even better !
  • 4.4% Overall Body Fat ! That’s Great !

And the amazing part ? They didn’t have to change their way of eating, nor either set a single foot in a gym. They just… burned fat the natural way ! Simply swallowing this green coffee bean pill 3x each day and you’re done !

Look at all these people sweating liters of water in the gym, let them suffer while you will lose weight doing nothing ! The little secret here is Chlorogenic acid ! Dr. Oz on the talk-show was very specific on that point :

An efficient and working supplement based on green coffee extract… will need at the very least 45% chlorogenic acid ! Otherwise you won’t have that kind of results ! That means avoid at all costs the cheaper versions you can find on ebay or amazon. These are sold by scammers, and the original product have been altered with filters and additives, only resulting in Zero Benefits.

Chlorogen800 is the only official supplement…

…based on Green Coffee Bean Extract !

It uses only premium quality un-roasted coffee beans, containing over 50% Chlorogenic acid ! And that means this is the real deal that give you the same weight loss, as have benefited all the people in the study.

EASY weight loss at last ! These results can of course be doubles along with a healthy diet ! But this supplement was created for people who have not the time to change their habits, diet or add gym to their planning. So Just take Chlorogen 800 3 times a day to get the results you want !

Of course if you want to double the results and faster… Just add in the mix healthy diet habits, and Chlorogen 800 benefits will be even more awesome ! Most customers are directly ordering the 6 months pills of Chlorogen 800, as of course losing weight is taking time ! And the longer you use Chlorogen 800 to reach your weight loss goals, the better you will look in your mirror at the end.

Also we’d like to mention that it could be interesting to Mix Chlorogen 800 with a HGH Supplement like GenFX ! HGH can help you to lose weight even faster ! You can even lose it all before summer 😉

⭐ Our customers are mostly positive towards Chlorogen 800 ⭐

Good ! Recently i ran out of fat burners and tried this one. So far i’ve managed to keep the same rhythm of weight loss, while eliminating the sensation of stress from caffeine. Seems more natural to me, no more side effects.

Famous Dr Oz ingredient have never been a magical pill, and it will never be for sure ! Green coffee bean is a supplement like any others, it can work for some people and for some others it won’t do shit. On me it worked but on a friend of mine there was strictly no differences…

I am working as a coach in a sport club on paris in france, so i try to eat healthy food… And Chlorogen 800 was the right fat loss product to eliminate my little extras… Because a good pizza with a good beer is always welcome 😉

I have a friend who is obese because he doesn’t care about eating healthy food. I took the initiative to talk with him about his weight, and proposed him to offer him a weight loss supplement. I thought that maybe it could improve his life… Life of an obese is not easy everyday. So far in 2 months he lost 15 pounds ! Knowing him… it’s excellent ! So yeah Chlorogen 800 worked nicely, and we’re thinking to buy another set.

Every supplements are good in this world, some better than others… but in the end everyone have to “help the supplement” to make it work ! And that means doing sport, working out at the gym and watching closely what you’re eating. For me Green Coffee is great because i am the kind of guy who’s doing sports, and so it worked for me !

I know there are no conclusive scientific evidences, that could validate the weight loss claim of this green coffee extract… But it worked on me ! And i am not doing any sport ! Too fat for that… losing my breath in 5 minutes. Though it’s true that i am eating less since one month, so the only change was on my food diet but i still eat fat food yes… Chlorogen 800 must be some kind of Appetite Suppressant, only explanation i found… and it’s a good one.

I bought this supplement thinking it would do all the job for me… but no seems it’s not working like that. I hate sports… and so i continued to eat fat foods like before without any sportive activity, and i didn’t see a difference. My weight stayed the same after 3 weeks.

I have to say that i replaced all my fat burners with this Chlorogen 800, because the fat burners were stressing me a lot, my heart was beating much faster and i was feeling paranoid. Now paranoia is gone for good, thanks to green coffee ! Cheers for the 10% cash back.

Throughout my life, I’ve seen dozens if not more ? of weight-loss supplements come and go. Including but not limited to bitter orange, chromium picolinate, CLA, hoodia which is also sold on your website ! But also yerba mate, raspberry ketones, and now green coffee bean extract 😀 That’s a long list and after all these years, i can say it became annoying and time consuming to choose between all of them… But so far Chlorogen 800 was the best ! I went from 60 to 52 kilograms in just 3 months 🙂

Most vendors are saying their products are all natural and working good ! Seems like the word “natural” is worth a lot of money on google those days lol… Anyway i’ve tested pretty much all of them ! because i am a woman and i care about my body, because women’s appearance in this world is critical ! If i want a good job i need to look good, and if i want to be the queen during a party… i need to look VERY good ! Chlorogen 800 is working fast and is very efficient, 2 months before the summer and it worked ! Most beautiful legs on the beach ? me of course 😉 😉

Eating junk food is not part of my life, but trying new supplements is !! Green coffee bean extract is an awesome product, because it works basically like a fat burner… so your metabolism is working faster blablabla… But ! What’s even more interesting is your calories are burned faster, without the nasty effects some of us have experimented with fat burners, like stress, insomnia, nervousness, irritability and so on. Recommending it !

Perfect supplement ! Consumer since many years now, since Dr Oz went on screen in fact… I bought it here on Loadmyblog because of the 20$ money back, and for the charity concept behind the scenes. I know my money is put to good use.

At first i thought it was a product dedicated to women… green coffee bean ? lol ! Men are used to protein powders, gainers and things like that with a tough “name” ! 😉 meaning you’re going to end even more massive than before ! Well… can’t hurt to try another shit out there ! Though i was skeptical…But this shit worked ! lost 9 pounds in just 1 month, so i re-ordered !

My girlfriend told me i was gaining as much fat as muscles… perhaps ! 😉 We went online, ordered these from here as it was cheaper with the 10%, swallowed these pills for 2 months and got some good results. I felt more energy at while working out, and also more sweat ! Maybe because i was working harder ? In the end i lost 11 pounds… 11 pounds in 2 months without changing my diet… maybe not the best supplement i could buy, but it worked.

I felt like this Chlorogen 800 suppressed my appetite. I can say it cut it by 25% to 50% as i loved to eat a chocolate bar after sport… because i am usually hungry after workout. Well i’ve only managed to eat half the bar, as i felt my stomach was already full. So less appetite and more energy. Thanks loadmyblog for the 10% back, received them 16 days after my order.

Honestly ? it works ! It’s not the silver bullet some advertisers are claiming though…

Is it a placebo ? i don’t know… is it another scam ? i don’t know either… but all i know is i lost around 10 pounds the last month ! Maybe for you it’s not a lot, but i am obese and i know what i feel ! And today… i feel better than last month.

There are no quick or easy solutions to lose fat, and no miracle diet either, and when you find a supplement claiming to be a miracle ? better pass on it as it smells scam ! Green Coffee bean extract is a product working good, but like all things we have to get off our butts, and start making the healthy changes in our life, like eating better, and do a little more of sport and a little less of TV. That’s no secret !

This Chlorogen 800 gave me more energy, and by transforming my fat into extra energy, it helped me to work even harder to lose my weight. It might be a good supplement for you as well, as it did for me it will surely motivate you to work seriously on your weight issues ! I give it a 5 on 5… it deserves it !

I am taking Chlorogen 800 pills every day like a good school boy, and i haven’t felt nervous so far, maybe i sweat a little more but that’s really just a little, nobody noticed it at my work so that’s all good. My closest friends have noticed i had lost some weight, and that’s very sweet when you hear somebody telling you “at least you’ve succeeded in losing some ! gratz dude !”. Thanks dr Oz or whoever it was who designed this product, and thanks We Sell Health for your quick 10% money refund.

I saw your google advertisement on adwords. I am myself working in seo, so i see a lot of advertisements out there, and this day i clicked on yours ! Frankly i don’t know why because most of the time i don’t… But my beloved husband told me 3 days ago that maybe… I had some little pounds to lose !?! (prick !) So i clicked, i bought, i received it and i swallowed the pills ! It worked after the 3rd week… began to lose weight but i had to wait 3 weeks. A little long no ?

Your claim that i couldn’t find cheaper was true ! I have tried hard in the past hour to find a better price on ebay, amazon, walmart, vitacost and even bodybuilding stores… I gave up lol ! It’s true there was no Chlorogen 800 cheaper than yours ! So i ordered… followed your little paypal process for the 20$ back, and got them 2 weeks after as promised. So thanks to you i hope to lose all these little pounds very soon 😉

⭐ Chlorogen 800 Ingredients and Dosage ⭐

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