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Dark Souls – Prepare to Die Edition

One thing is sure when installing Dark Souls, you’re going for one hell of a ride ! No frankly ! let’s face it… Dark Souls is a difficult game… ok sure it’s for people who want a real challenge ! no doubt about it ! But nevertheless it’s for people who like to suffer !

Do not mistake my meaning… Dark Souls is a Superb, Splendid, Awesome, Interesting, Attracting Game ! With one of the best ambiance i have ever seen ! I know as i played it to the very end including the “DLC”, which is automatically included in the Prepare to Die Edition on PC but…

God this game is going to drive you crazy ! Because that’s the state that game drove me in !

First of all Dark Souls is a game where you begin as a “little shit” lol, and at the very best you’ll become a “big shit” 😀 Whatever your power and no matter the equipment you carry… There will always be a monster or a place where your heart is going to beat fast, because you’ll be just fucking scared about the life of your character ! As the words “Prepare to Die”… Dark Souls means them !

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #1Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #2Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #3

Dying will actually be your primary activity in Dark Souls… Said like that it doesn’t look promising… But that’s the reality of things in DS ! When you discover a new place, go forth steps after steps… Do not run like in Diablo, or your run will end very quickly as Dark Souls have no mercy for players ^_^

Fortunately there is a light in The Dark

That light is called DsFix, as you have to know that Dark Souls conversion from consoles to PC was not so good… FPS stuck to 30, graphic options very limited and… still the well known “Checkpoint Save” which is good for hardcore players… but can also be very frustrating for casual players.

Well DsFix is going to address all of these issues ! Splendid graphics, FPS raised to 60 and most of all… The ability to configure an automatic save every 5 minutes ! 😉 Because if you don’t take the time to learn the curves of DS, there will be places that you’ll never go through without this little Tool. (though there is an even better technic working on PC… you can check it out by clicking here)

I know we don’t all have 4 hours to spend doing the same run over and over ! Because my friend there are places in Dark Souls where you’re going to encounter many traps, opponents and even a boss at the very end… And sometimes with no Save during 10 minutes ! So if this new boss kills you in just 2 hits… because of course that’s the first time you’re seeing him and you have no idea how he’s going to react… well then doing the whole 10 minutes run once more, just to be granted a new try against him, with just another death as a reward, will turn you mad in no time !

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #4Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #5Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #6

I don’t care I will Prevail !

Dark Souls is filled with different areas that you’ll discover with time. Of course it’s not a “Gothic” or an “Elder’s Scrolls” where everything is open straight away ! There are some ways that you can take from the beginning yes, but without the appropriate level you’re just going to end as meat for the monsters 😉

When i first played this game, i tryed to fight my way through the nearest “graveyard” which is in fact… not a beginner’s zone at all ! So my ass was beaten in no time… So after 40 deaths in less than 40 minutes…

I was like… “What the Fuck is this Game ?!”

“How the hell do they want me to progress with such difficult battles ??!?

Understand that Dark Souls will never forgive you to break the rules… And the Rule #1 is “at the beginning take the way where you can see the little zombies” and not the graveyard 😉

Also this game is filled with hidden caches, and some secondary corridors, which are very interesting to explore to find stuff, like experience or weapons or rings… So even if you have to follow the path that the developers have set for you, you can miss a lot of good stuff if you don’t take your time.

As an example of the graveyard i spoke above, you can find useful weapons even at level 1 ! Just run inside avoiding skeletons lol, take the stuff and… let yourself be killed 😀 Yes ! that’s the Dark Souls concept ! Sometimes you have to let yourself die to gain something ! because when you die you’re just coming back to the nearest campfire (save place), with all the equipment you found on your way to death lol.

Of course you will lose your earned experience… But that you can take it back by coming back to the place you died ! But you can also die again just by trying lol… And in that case you lose your experience once and for all ! But at the beginning of the game… you have no experience to lose anyway.

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #7Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #8Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #9

So what’s the amount of RPG in Dark Souls ? Dialogues ? yes there are some dialogues… but very limited trust me ! You do encounter some people, most of the time behind bars ! :-D, and though these discussions will only provide 2 answers “YES” or “NO”… these people will prove to be great assets in the storyline. They can become new merchants and sell you interesting stuff, but also help you during fights against bosses.

A little tip : Don’t summon any help for the Boss Battle against the 4 Kings, or these will become too strong ! But apart from this tip… all the other Boss Battles will be easier with a summoned fighter.

The Storyline ? The main interest of Dark Souls is… you don’t know a fuck about any storyline, you don’t know who you are, why you have been chosen, and most of all what you’re expected to do ! But that’s why Dark Souls is very attractive, because you’re exploring the unknown and you’re always scary to know what you’re going to stumble on, as your life can drop in seconds 😉

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #10Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #11Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #12

Battle Axe ? Claymore ? Great Hammer ?

That’s one of the things you’re going to ask yourself, when you’ll discover how many weapons you can put in your hands in Dark Souls 🙂 In fact there are every medieval weapons you can dream of ! from the fast winged spear to the huge and unbreakable Dragon Tooth ! And when you know the size of a dragon… i let you guess about the size of just one of their tooth lol, simply bigger than you 😀

The look of your character is very well designed in Dark Souls, weapons impact can be felt all the way from the game to your game controller ! Some weapons are really massive, some armors are so cool to see on you that you can already feel this surge of fearsome power in you… which is completely false lol as you’ll die anyway 😀 It’s like a final fantasy game where you can see weapons bigger than the hero lol, but with this animal feeling of Real Raw Power… no it’s not FF, it’s Dark Souls !

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #13Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #14Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #15

Always on the Red Code Alert !

In Dark Souls there’s no difficulty level, there’s only death waiting for you ! Monsters hits you hard, even the little zombies at the beginning can kill you ! So when you encounter giant monsters or human beings wielding massive 2 handed weapons, avoid their hits at all cost, some can one shot you !

Every opponents in Dark Souls have their own ways to fight, their own special attacks where you can see them concentrating all of their power during 2 seconds, before unleashing their unstoppable wrath on your face ! Because you can block attacks with your shield, but there are attacks that you need to avoid by rolling out, or even your shield will be totally outmatched, whatever his size !

That’s what you need to understand, Dark Souls is not a game where you’re going to feel relax… just blocking all the way during the fights will only get you killed. There are special attacks you can’t block… You have to learn how to use the roll button. You really need to stay focused when playing to DS.

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #16Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #17Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #18

Sounds Very Intense isn’t it ?

Yes it is indeed ! With such a unique ambiance where all the “clichés” are put in the best situations, the undertown plagued with rats and thieves, the graveyard with it’s catacombs full of undeads, the intriguing castle with all the worst traps, the golden city with the giant sentinels, the sunken city now abandoned to ghosts and wraiths… With no music and only the sound of your footsteps wandering into a certain death 😉

I recommend Dark Souls to any Action Rpg fans, this is THE Dungeon Crawler game you must have ! This is also one of the hardest games ever made on the subject, but… it was made by a japanese team, so no surprise about the high difficulty, when you can check some crazy difficult videos of japanese games on Youtube lol 😀 Japan players like challenges, it’s like wanting a real challenge for the paid price 😉

When you finish Dark Souls a first time, you keep your character and you’re then able to do the whole game once more, but with a higher difficulty ! And even discover new things like a NEW armor and a NEW Destructive spell ! And this can go on to 7 playgrounds, each time harder for people who wants to go more and more into the depths of difficulty. This game is really worth all the money you spent on buying it ! Doing the game 7 times… with each time greater challenges, that’s a great game lifetime 😉

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #19Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #20Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #21Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #22Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #23Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Screenshot #24

The difficulty i played on : There’s none to choose, one size fits all !

How long is this game : I easily spent 100 hours on it… (dying…)

Would i recommend it to a friend ? : What ? You don’t know Dark Souls ?!?

Did i pay for it ? : No ! (Thanks P2P)

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