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Les Mills RPM Video FREE Download

Only if you can trade for those i miss of course 😉

Les Mills RPM Video and Training Courses are well known all around the world !

Fitness Trainers are applying all year long to receive their Les mills Certification ! It’s like ITIL v3 or Prince2 for IT guys… I mean on your CV it’s as important now as your Diploma. To be Les Mills certified means you know how to motivate a crowd of people, and to make them come back into the gym club for another session !

There are many different courses in Les Mills ranging from Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Balance, Body something lol… but the Queen Course is RPM ! RPM is hardcore cycling… it’s 2 Shirts in one session ! And in the clubs you’re generally in a Dark room with just LEDS and some Loud Music in the background. Add to that mix an engaging fitness trainer, and you got the perfect workout to push your physical boundaries 😉

I am watching Les Mills RPM Video from my Home Bike

As i said these videos are really motivating !

When you don’t have the money to buy yourself a personal coach, or when you’re not subscribed to your local gym… It’s kinda hard to find the motivation to work hard at home ! Even if you got some good music… To work alone is never easy. In a gym club you can see the others, compare your own body to them and show them what you can do… And so you’re indirectly motivating yourself to look better !

By the way… if you have a hard time to work at home, if working alone is not motivating enough for you and you need a little helping hand… Then one big step you can take is the GenF20 Plus Supplement ! Just click on the name to know more, but i can tell you this product changed my life ! That’s just 2 pills and a spray twice a day and you’ll get all the energy you need ! No more coffee needed to motivate yourself 😉

So i said these RPM videos are very motivating ! Les Mills company have recorded every one of their training sessions… And so Fitness Trainers can replicate the same courses in their gym clubs. These videos are full of people and generally 2 to 5 les mills trainers on stage, whose work is to make everyone happy to work harder !

That’s my little home set below… It’s a little studio in my garden.
A semi pro fitness bike and a computer with Les mills RPM videos.

I have downloaded 55 Les Mills RPM video so far…

I got all of them via the old P2P Software Emule… I always said that Edonkey network wasn’t dead 😉 But i am still missing some and i am pretty sure that there are people out there who could help me 😉

So here’s a picture below of my Les Mills RPM directory.
(a little outdated as i also have RPM 69 now !)

Update August – September 2017 – 9 Sprint Videos !

I recently knew about the New Les Mills Sprint courses. It’s a High Intensity workout of 30 minutes on your Bike, different from the original RPM courses which are 45 minutes long. Les mills Sprint is about burning calories as fast as you can, where Les mills RPM is more about Fitness and Cardio-Training. And like Katie a poster below in the comments, i do find SPRINT a little too intense…

So between the P2P softwares and the people below in the comments, i acquired Sprint Courses 1 to 9. Picture below is not up to date as i have Sprint 09 now. (Thanks Katie !)

I will only trade these videos for other legit Les mills RPM or SPRINT Videos…
Aand by the way i am only interested in the videos not the Audio…

As for the quality of the format… i mean if it’s a .flv , .mp4 , .avi or .mpeg. Many of my videos have been highly compressed, it’s still motivating of course as it’s les mills, but the image quality is sometimes bad. So don’t expect my videos to be in Full HD lol… I’ve just downloaded what was available, and that’s also where you can tell it has been the work of IT amateurs, and no real IT guys… But it’s better like that !

Finally Here’s the Full Details about my RPM Videos List

RPM VideosFormatQualityDuration
Missing RPM 1 to 20
RPM 21AVI352x28855:11
RPM 22AVI312x24049:56
RPM 23AVI316x24054:25
RPM 24AVI320x24051:38
RPM 25AVI320x24056:27
RPM 26AVI320x24049:11
RPM 27AVI320x24047:50
RPM 28AVI320x24048:56
RPM 29 + BonusMPG352x28801:01:43
RPM 30AVI672x51251:30
RPM 31 - Missing
RPM 32AVI320x24056:20
RPM 33AVI320x24052:55
RPM 34AVI320x24048:22
RPM 35AVI320x24047:38
RPM 36AVI320x24051:07
RPM 37AVI320x24051:53
RPM 38AVI320x24047:38
RPM 39AVI320x24051:27
RPM 40MPG352x28854:10
RPM 41MPG352x28852:24
RPM 42AVI352x28849:59
RPM 43AVI640x48049:23
RPM 44AVI640x48049:38
RPM 45AVI640x48052:09
RPM 46AVI640x48053:42
RPM 47MP4320x24052:35
RPM 48MP4640x36051:10
RPM 49MP4480x27249:09
RPM 50M4V320x17601:26:28
RPM 51AVI320x17655:40
RPM 52AVI512x28855:32
RPM 53MP4640x48001:01:06
RPM 54AVI480x25651:28
RPM 55AVI704x38457:54
RPM 56MP4320x24001:04:51
RPM 57MP4320x24001:01:54
RPM 58MP4480x36052:34
RPM 59MP4320x24050:52
RPM 60MP4320x24001:04:52
RPM 61MP4320x24049:08
RPM 62MP4320x24051:41
RPM 63M4V640x35245:34
RPM 64M4V640x35246:38
RPM 65MP4640x35244:43
RPM 66MP4320x24055:24
RPM 67MP4320x24048:01
RPM 68FLV (flash)na (use VLC)na (use VLC)
RPM 69MP4624x35248:50
RPM 70M4V624x35247:57
RPM 71M4V640x35250:08
RPM 72MP41280x70448:45
RPM 73MP4640x35250:58
RPM 74M4V640x35250:00
RPM 75M4V1280x72048:05
RPM 76MP4640x36046:47
You have another one ? Let's trade !
SPRINT 1AVI632x35230:09
SPRINT 2MP4624x35232:15
SPRINT 3M4V624x35231:08
SPRINT 4MPG640x35233:01
SPRINT 5MPG640x35234:23
SPRINT 6MPG640x35230:27
SPRINT 7MP4638x36034:41
SPRINT 8M4V640x35234:49
SPRINT 9MP4640x36231:18
You have another one ? Let's trade !

So if you have a RPM video, i am interested to trade !

Just submit a comment below ! It’s completely anonymous anyway and i’ll use your mail to contact you. We’ll exchange our videos via an anonymous Google Drive… You’ll be able to upload the video you have, and then i’ll upload the video you want. As my connection is probably slower than yours… I’ll upload the Video in Zip format and in Chunks of 150MB, that means if the video is 600MB big it will make 4 files. (600 / 150 = 4).

Even if you have a video i already own, in that case i’ll be also interested in case you have a better quality ! Something in HD like 720p or 1080p ! Like that we can trade a video i have that you don’t, and i’ll be able to update my low quality video with your good quality one 🙂

And if you have the video i need on a DVD, There are FREE DVD Rippers softwares on the net, that you can use to RIP your DVD and create a Video file out of it.

And remember… We’re not hurting anyone, it’s for our personal use 🙂

In the case You don’t have anything to trade…

Well maybe you’re a customer of loadmyblog ?

I mean maybe you don’t know it yet but we’re promoting Health Supplements on loadmyblog ! And we offer a 10% Discount on everything (we’re cheaper than any competition !) So if you already bought one of our wonderful supplements, or one of our marvelous cosmetics … Then we’ll gladly upload some FREE RPM or SPRINT Videos for you ! After all… Your order helped us to keep this website alive 🙂

In that case just post your order number in the comments below and we’ll contact you.

Thanks to the Poster Stex31 below in the comments

Thanks to him i do have 2 more Les Mills RPM Video for my workouts ! 🙂 RPM 62 and 68 ! We exchanged them easily via Google Drive, and from now on i’ll use this Drive to share any future les mills rpm video. So if you have any Les Mills RPM Video i don’t have, whatever the quality or format (i am accepting them all as long as it’s a new video), then don’t hesitate and do like Stex31 > Post your comment ! 🙂

And Many Thanks to Katie !

Thanks to this wonderful lady from New Zealand, i have 2 more RPM and 2 more Sprint Videos ! RPM 69 and the latest 76 and Sprint 7 & the latest 9. So remember people don’t hesitate to comment if you have some rpm videos 😉

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