Dragon Age Inquisition level cap

by Marco.

No it’s not even a soft cap but a real Hard Cap !

At first Bioware told players at the beginning that there would be no real STOP concerning leveling, that at worse it would only be slowdowned and you would gain less and less xp as you would raise in levels…

But no it was a lie ! Dragon Age Inquisition level cap is MAXED once you reach level 27 ! You can of course continue to gain XP… but once you reach the end of the experience bar, it does nothing more ! No level 28 !

While this wasn’t an issue with the original game…

It is now a problem if you have ordered the DLC’s !

The first DLC Jaws of Hakkon can easily make you gain several levels ! Personally i was already level 25 when i finished the original story, and i achieved this level only by exploring everything, completing every quests. I never wanted to “grind xp” because i don’t find “grinding” interesting.

This is good for mmorpgs but not for a single player game…

So what was my surprise after a little more than 10 hours playing Jaws of Hakkon, when i found out i would be stuck at level 27 ! Frankly what’s the point of playing a RPG when you know your evolution just came to an end ?

The story ? The Gear ? ok… don’t get me wrong… i love the background of Dragon Age, i love to read all these codex entries i am finding, i love to learn more about this virtual world around me… But if it was only for the Story i would be playing to an adventure game not a role playing game ! RPG is about making your characters grow, gaining experience and learning new abilities.

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But let’s go back to DA Level Cap…

Frustrating the players is not productive !

I don’t understand the logic of this Hard Cap ! I mean… Bioware wants to sell DLC’s no ? they want players to buy these little expansions no ? So if you voluntarily prevent players to become even more powerful, why should we continue the adventure and buy these DLC’s ???

Yeah ok there is new Gear ! there are new places to discover… i already told you i know that… but my party is not going to evolve anymore ! That means to speak from a realistic point of view… that the characters have arrived to a point where they’re so powerful, they can’t learn anymore !

In that case if i am too powerful… why the fuck would i spend time playing to “The Descent” and Trespasser ? I am already too powerful… i won’t learn anything else from these places !

Comparing Witcher 3 and DA Inquisition

I finished both games… Spending around 180+ hours on Dragon Age Inquisition, and around 170+ hours on Witcher 3. I am not going to compare them, because they’re both great !

But on this level cap question… Witcher 3 was better from the start ! why is that ?

Both DAI and Witcher 3 are relying on abilities that you have to choose to compose a limited skill set. It depends on your style of play… i have no problem with that. But in Witcher 3 the MAX level is TOO FAR to be reached the normal way… apart from grinding like a madman or using experience glitches, you’ll never reach the cap ! And when you finish the game you can be level 32-35 but not much more than that.

BUT !… you can still acquire schematics to create level 45-48 swords ! That means it’s leaving some place for further leveling and expansions, without frustrating the players with a “sorry from now on… you can continue to play but your characters have reached their limits”… In a real world where people are asking more and more of us, where the society encourages us to push our limits… Bioware is pulling us the other way down 🙁

Bioware don’t complain your DLC are cracked…

Because I won’t spend a penny in a new adventure where i know my party is not going to increase in levels… In that case i prefer to spend my money on some adventure games.

Fortunately… Jaws of Hakkon and The Descent are already cracked ^_^ And Trespasser will be soon !

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