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Fiverr Reviews – Marketing List

Scam or no Scam ?

by Marco.

Fiverr is a very interesting concept exclusively on internet, where people are offering you services for a base of 5$ only ! These services can be offered on every possible subjects you can imagine lol, and if you’re looking for a service that is not already existing, just “request a service” and i am sure someone will create that service for you 😉

A lot of people living in countries like india, pakistan and china, where living is hard… are providing very good services on fiverr ! because for them 5$ is a lot of money ! Some of these services can even be worth up to 40$ when you compare them with some professionals on the market !

So Fiverr is really a place where good deals can be made !

Then of course…

Be Careful of Scammers !

Badfully Fiverr is also the domain of scammers… many people are offering services and claim several things, which are in fact not true at all ! But… to novices who are ordering them, these services are great ! In fact when you don’t know anything about a subject, people can easily scam you !

Also… you have to know that many scammers are using pictures of “barely legal teens” to sell their services ! That means their profile picture is a beautiful fresh girl, and in our society the “beauty” of the package is important. Your Brain tends to trust more easily products with nice images. Don’t be fooled even if that’s obvious, but most of these girls are just men from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India behind.

Fortunately if someone on Fiverr is scamming you, or is offering you a bad quality service, then you can put some “harsh bad comment” and generally… the person behind will ask to cancel that order, in exchange for a full refund that you’ll spend on a more quality service ! 🙂

Because you have to know that Fiverr do not protect the customers, Fiverr protect only the sellers. If you try to complain on the customer service or on the forum of fiverr, you’re just wasting your time. Fiverr customer service will never answer to you, so most of the time to get your money back from a scam, you’ll need to put a comment so “Negative and Rude” that even the scammer will find that hard to live with.

If you have such an issue, just put a comment like this one :

WARNING ! this GIG is a total SCAM ! I warn you people, avoid this SCAMMER or like me you’ll be screwed, you will LOSE your Money ! Don’t Trust the good reviews below, THESE are ALL FAKE to make you pay !

I guarantee you that he will refund you within 2-3 days 😀 😉

Because even if Fiverr is showing in priority the last positive reviews, your negative review will stay forever in the history of the service. The scammer know that new potential buyers will check the negative reviews, and he doesn’t want your review to show up ! So a refund will be the best choice for him.

ALSO if you’re not satisfied by a service !, NEVER put a positive review if the scammer ask you to do so in the first place, telling you that he’s going to correct the problem, and that you’ll still be able to get your refund later. That’s a LIE, never trust such a claim and put your NEGATIVE review right away in his face !

Internet is like life, if you’re too kind you get screwed ! so “Say what you have to Say”

Take that ! You Bitch !

So… 🙂

Here’s my Fiverr List !
Below the people i highly recommend ! Quality Service !
Below the people services you should be careful with…
  • Alberto07 (Google+ votes)At first it used to work, but i lost hundreds of his votes over months.
  • Boskopikica (Youtube promotion)Nice Man but Youtube caught me for “ViewCount Gaming”
  • Harry2388 (Youtube promotion)Good service but i got a previous account banned
  • Socialprofess (Facebook promotion)
Below the people you should avoid at all cost ! Scammers !
  • Adnagam (Twitter promotion)
  • Ashara (Fake TribePro promotion)This is a FAKE promotion GIG, report is all made up with Photoshop ! HE screwed hundreds of people !
  • Angela56 (Twitter promotion)Fast service but All Followers vanished slowly after 1 month
  • Angelica Cruz (Facebook promotion)
  • Blairkunkel (Pinterest promotion)All his pinterests followers are FAKE, No activity from them !
  • johndavis2012 (Google+ Profile promotion)Lasted 3 months then 95% of the Google+ vanished !
  • Luke90 (Twitter promotion)Fast service but Followers began to vanish slowly after 1 week !
  • Topgigs1 (Facebook promotion)This guy is a good scammer ! promises but never delivers !
  • Self_Dependent (Twitter promotion)
  • Seo_promar (Google+ votes)His votes began to crumble just 2 days after he did them !
  • Smartkarthick (Manual Backlinks)Claims to give many high PR, but Many backlinks are not working !
  • Taimoor522 (Facebook promotion)
  • youngceaser (SEO promotion)This guy is making 30K$ /month by SCAMMING thousands of people !
  • zipswork (Pinterest promotion) Promises 1000 PR9 backlinks but only delivers Likes which are Useless.
fiverr reviews scam list

Most Scammers on Fiverr are related to SEO

SEO services are important for people selling “something on internet”, that means they need to promote their products. That can be done via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Google+ votes, Pinterest, Instagram or Backlinks to other websites but also a lot of other things.

On Fiverr there are hundreds of people selling their services to increase your SEO meaning “Search Engine Optimization” ! Unfortunately SEO have never been an exact science, and that means you can never know the ultimate results. Maybe Youtube is going to ban your account, facebook going to disable your fanpage, Twitter going to delete your twitter profile and so on…

Buying a SEO service is a risk you’re willing to take, then of course some SEO services are just “scams” ! That means the guys behind are just there to steal your money. Their services will usually crumble after 3 months… That means you have paid for the service, it’s working good in the first place but after 1… 2 or 3 months, everything will be gone, and you’ll have to redo the promotion all over from scratch.

All the other services on Fiverr where SEO is not involved are generally safe ! I mean that if you ask someone to create you a video, a logo for your website or something else… when it’s delivered you have the final product in your hands, it’s not going to vanish like some volatile SEO 😉

How do i know when fiverr gigs are scams ?

First of all i payed for them 😉 and the results were far from what i was expecting when i was reading the original description ! Let’s take as an example… someone doing a facebook promotion and promising you to advertise your customized message to 2.000.000 people !

The person does the job, and then sends you a mail when it’s finished with an attached report. When you open it you can see all the places where he/she have posted your advertisement. There are of course lot of links and the average client will never take the time to investigate. But… if you do so ! Then you’ll see many flaws in the system !

  • 1- Many times people are saying they advertise to their fan pages but it’s a big lie ! They advertise to groups which are “dedicated to advertisements”, that means these groups are full of people who are advertising for others… the only problem is nobody in this group is actually interested in your message, as everybody’s there to make money and absolutely not to spend it. It’s like paying for an advertisement located on a marketplace where there are only sellers, and no buyers at all… your money is simply lost ! But for someone new on the net, it can “look like” a good deal. That’s why you see some positive reviews from “newbies” saying it’s “Brilliant”, it’s “Awesome”, it’s “Great”… because they see “high numbers” in the scammer’s report, they get excited and they think they’re now famous ! But their popularity remains to Ground 0 !
  • 2- Never… absolutely never rely on the thousands of Good reviews you can see on some people profiles. You have to know that there’s a little black market known as “Review Exchange”. That means 2 people selling their services are going to order and review each other mutually. By doing that they buy the other guy service, but they also sell their own service… so they’re not losing money in the process ! It’s like a FREE positive review to increase the service rank in fiverr search. There are specific forums on the internet, where people are meeting in order to create groups on Skype, where they’re going to add all your “reviews friends”, and like they will easily do a hundred of fake reviews a week. That’s how it works on fiverr and you can easily be deceived !

2015 Update : To fight against these “false reviews”, Fiverr have implemented some time ago a “processing fee” ! That means 0.5$ are going to be added to any orders you do on fiverr, and of course the guys who were doing fake reviews are now more reluctant, as it’s not completely free anymore ! Let’s say they were doing 50 fake reviews a week before… it would cost them 25$ !

While this is a good point to fight against scammers, the problem is just patched in a way that “EVERYONE is now paying 0.5$ more !”. So one more time, and it’s not happening only on internet but also in our everyday society, everyone will now have to pay for the mistakes / frauds of just a few. Instead of focusing on the people who have created this mess exploiting the flaws of fiverr on their reviews system, instead on searching for a better way to make reviews less “exploitable”, instead of pointing with the finger the people who are to be “blamed”… Fiverr “blame” the whole population for it…

and of course they like it this way because… It brings in even more money !

That’s something we see more and more in our modern society, blaming “everyone” instead of one person. Like that people avoid conflicts… which absolutely not a good thing as the problem is not solved. It’s just a temporary workaround penalizing everyone.

2017 Update : Although i have used SEO services on Fiverr for the past few years… Yeah i did ! I don’t recommend you anymore to do so. Google became even more smarter and paying for Google+ votes can get your website seriously penalized, and you’ll find your website falling in the depths of Google. You won’t see anything in the “Manual actions” of your Google Webmaster Tools, but still you’ll know by looking at your traffic and the sudden drops, that your website have been penalized for “playing too much”.

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