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How Former Fitness Model became Bodybuilder !

Joshua had already a nice body when he was younger. Brown hairs with Blue eyes, i am sure he could have had any girls he wanted ! But it seems it wasn’t enough for him… he wanted to become bigger ! So he tried out some bodybuilding supplements to build more muscles, and simply grow bigger ! Unfortunately… His genetic prevented him to grow bigger than how he already was.

Seems like he wasn’t as gifted as one can think !

But then one day he found another supplement ! One which was off the chart, not by the book… Having already tried many gainers without much success, he had nothing to lose and everything to win. So Joshua please tell us your experience with this Secret Supplement 😉

I wanted more volume and my Genetic was stopping me !

Maybe it will be hard to understand for most people, but i wanted more muscular mass ! Yes i was a fitness model but i wasn’t that big… In fact the image i sent you (the one you can see at the top of this post) was photoshoped by a pro, who added a little more volume and shadows to make my body more muscular 🙁

But trust me, even if i had some muscles… i was skinny !

Most of the time you know… people are not as perfect as they look on magazine covers. People thought i had already a great body but i hadn’t… So a few years ago, I went on some Bodybuilding forums searching for an answer, or for the ultimate supplement that could finally say “Fuck You” to my body, and bypass this genetic threshold !

Bad-fully i ordered many supplements which ultimately… never helped me to reach my goals. I lost a lot of money trying gainers and even top of the heap supplements from the Muscletech Brand… Nothing worked ! Nothing…

So i tried to find the light off the road…

Because on the road everybody was driving… there was no answer for me ! Frankly i had a feeling that everybody could achieve their dreams, while i was staying in the darkness. I wanted to be big and muscular, but no i was cursed to stay the same skinny guy looking good on covers… thanks to Photoshop !! (Even my ears were reduced to look better…)

And one day i saw the light ! No it wasn’t God… it was even better ! 😉

A product called HyperGH 14X claiming to bypass your genetic, and which could make a man out of yourself ! Considering i was a young skinny adult… To become a man was a very appealing sentence to me. It was expensive as it was 385$… for 6 boxes and 6 sprays… But it lasted 6 months so 385 divided by 6 is around 61$ / month. Not so much more expensive than the usual bodybuilding supplements you can buy…

More Expensive but More Powerful !

Shipping was fast (around 6 days) but not free as i am living in Eastern Europe, i even had to pay the customs a little charge… -_- But then i began to consume these pills along with the sprays, every day by breakfast. Also i always workout in the morning, as my shootings are always done in the afternoon…

So working out some hours before make me look better on photos.

I felt a real surge of energy with this stuff. It was a mix of Motivation, Strength and Endurance… I can only describe it as a Feeling of Power ! You know most supplements you can buy like proteins and so on… You’re consuming them but that doesn’t mean you’re feeling overpowered 5 min after… With this new HyperGH 14X it was really a feeling that something was at work, something was working inside of me ! I guess everything comes at a price…

HyperGH 14X motivated me to go Further !

I worked my body harder than before and for longer sessions, but the real motivation came after the 3rd week… Why ? Because i actually seen more volume in my arms ! Finally… after all these months of trying gainers that only brought me more fat, i was able to build more muscular mass. It was a relief…

My genetic had finally been beaten by this supplement.

I guess sometimes it’s just taking longer to find what’s good for you… And so as the days, weeks and even months passed… i finished my first package of 6 months and so i re-ordered another 6 months on the fly ! I had great results, i was proud of myself, and of all this hard work i had done to achieve this.

So of course i wanted this magic in my life to continue 😉

Now the Proof in Video that HyperGH 14X Works !

I am sure i could speak for hours about it… but a personal video is better than any speech.

Just click below to launch the video!

As you can see… i really got Wonderful Results on my body since HyperGH 14X !

I would sincerely recommend this product to anyone who wishes to build himself a great body ! Since i know this product i know magic exists ! HyperGH 14X is the best way for anyone to change, whatever the genetic you have and if you’re gifted or not, this is the Top Notch to push your boundaries and become the man you always wanted to be !

You can also purchase HyperGH 14X for 10% cheaper now via loadmyblog.

So My final note is 5 :

Joshua told us the Truth and only the Truth ! It deserves 5 stars ♥

So… what do you think of it ? Have you positive or negative things to tell about this ?
Well then it would be a pleasure to receive your questions and comments below ! 🙂

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