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I have tested GenF20 Plus and HyperGH 14X. For me genf20 plus seems more powerful, i performed better and got more results. It’s good hgh, but for me it’s not better than genf20, even in terms of muscles gain.

The battle of men against time to keep a young body… It’s lost as it’s impossible to stop the effects of time like wrinkles and so on… but at least i can slow them down now. Since HyperGH 14X my life have changed significantly ! Before that product i was looking fat, okay i had some muscles but i also had a nice little belly… And now i have a fit body that i am proud to show. Thank god, all this workout paid out in the end.

I am 32 at the time i write this testimonial and my muscles are looking awesome !

I have to admit i do spend more time in front of my mirror now, even more than my girl 😉 This supplement HyperGH 14X is far more powerful than what i expected ! Clearly a fantastic discovery for men and a breakthrough for growing muscular mass.

Maybe a little too strong for me, taking the usual dose and not more got me a little angry. Saw another testimonial before me, so i am not alone in this case. Going back to GenFX it’s less powerful but better for me.

My father bought me HyperGH 14X when i was 21, It helped me a lot to deal with my workouts. Doing a lot of training both in martial arts and pumping on steel, most of the time i was close to exhaustion. Having a perfect body is my pleasure when others are playing to video games. We needed something legal as i didn’t want to be fired from the official competition. After some weeks it proved to be an excellent addition to my diet, improving my body recovery and my overall performances.

Found this natural hgh supplement while browsing Bing. Not feeling tired anymore ! Took 3 weeks from my personal experience to observe benefits. It even played a key role in a local bodybuilding tournament, where i have recently won the silver medal, placed 2nd ! 😉 Thanks for these great pills and for the 10% cash back loadmyblog.

Very strong supplement ! I had to halve the dose… just taking a pill once a day and not 2 pills. Muscles recovery is great ! My note is 3.5 stars because i think it’s not a supplement for everyone. It can get you angry if you’re not working your muscles hardcore.

If you want to become like Lee Haney that’s the shit ! Awesome pills for Powerlifting, seriously i am feeling great man ! It’s stimulating everything in my body, mental, physical, sexual ! It’s a hardcore booster and without caffeine (stress, shaking…). Where i could just do 5 to 8 repetitions before, i can now go for 10 to 12 repetitions ! And i can tell you i push and lift heavy weights.

Taking these along with some vitamins every morning, and i am the rock star of the gym.

Came from GenF20 Plus and didn’t feel more powerful with HyperGH 14X… so a little disappointed.

Hi ! Fitness model for a small magazine in Boston. Training 2 to 3 hours a day, 5 times a week. I tried this hgh releaser out of curiosity. And also because i was indirectly brainwashed by all the pictures i saw in the magazine i work for, many products promoted by our sponsors. HyperGH 14X was one of them, i liked the package design so I gave it a try. After 3 months no hgh side effects… nothing negative to report, but it improved my strength and stamina.

I don’t know if the magic pill exist, but this thing is very close for sure.

60 years old already but i like using supplements for people 20 years younger. I should use Provacyl instead but then i would feel old in my head. Even if i am well aware i am an old man, i still feel young. I am training since several years and began to use HyperGH 14X in 2012. Before i was taking something else… bodybuilding supplements that showed little to no results at all. I am consuming HyperGH 14X because for me that’s the ultimate product. Younger, Stronger, Fitter !

Many pills on the market with crazy advertisings selling us dreams… and only dreams. But with these little HGH pills, it’s no dream anymore, and even like i finally managed to stop and reverse the wheel of time !

The feeling i have when i take them is i feel younger, and not scared of hurting myself while doing heavy bench press. In fact i even feel eager to challenge myself and to push further my own limits.

This thing brought me good benefits and not only at the gym, but in my daily life as well. I feel more energetic than before and actually… i am soon going to be promoted director ! Since HyperGH 14X i have been more and more involved in my manager work since i am taking these pills. And it has been noticed by one of my superiors. Thanks a lot guys for creating such wonderful products, and thanks for the 10% money back.

As i am in the fitness profession, i have tested many supplements on the market, mainly proteins, vitamins and so on… Because people at the gym are asking me for advices every day ! HyperGH 14X is OK ! Not necessarily better than other bodybuilding supplements, but quite powerful. Maybe it’s a little expensive for what it does, but it’s more natural than the mass of supplements on the market. So Natural Ingredients can be worth some extra bucks.

Prior to HyperGH 14X i only heard about hgh injections, but never injected anything in my body anyway. I didn’t like the idea to put a syringe in my blood… I wanted something more conventional and all natural if possible ! There are so many scams out there that you’re never too careful ! So one day i just stumbled on your Bing Ad for HyperGH 14X and the results were pretty good. Sport is now easier, i am running a lot outside, and my stamina have improved. My Iphone App told me i increased my stats by 47% since 2 weeks, and since 2 weeks the only change is HyperGH 14X.

Sorry but it didn’t really work for me… Took my 2 pills a day + spray, but i didn’t feel any different, maybe a little more energy but that’s all. Not worth the price.

I was taking fat burners to stay in good shape, but now i have stopped them as HyperGH 14X is way more efficient !!! Lost many pounds and guess what ? Even my sexual life have been improved ! How do i know that ? My partners were surprised by all the energy i had since i was taking these tablets. It didn’t increase my penis size lol… but i am quite the porn star in bed now lol !

I would highly recommend this hgh releaser. I was the skinny type of guy, it was hard for me to bulk up, to gain more muscle mass. And this thing helped me A LOT to build more muscles faster than ever. Before it was a pain for me to grow muscular mass even with gainers from Muscletech… now i can finally forge myself a strong physique !

Hi ! i am a Computer Nerd ! Yes a real one ! But my body now… looks like a guy who spend his lifetime working out his body, but no that’s not the case. I’ve spent my lifetime playing to video games and rpgs, and not in a sport club. HyperGH 14X eliminated my extra weight in just 3 to 4 months ! I bought it here on loadmyblog for the 39$ money back, and i got the money under 2 weeks on my paypal account. Really a good deal, i won money and i have now a great body ! Couldn’t dream for a better outcome 🙂

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