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Jaws of Hakkon nightmare ! Too Hard !!

by Marco.

That’s what i thought when i first launched this 1st DLC of DAI… I used to play and finish the original game in Nightmare mode, and it’s true that some dragon battles were long and hard… I remember that my very first dragon took me an hour to kill ! The first time is always the most complicated and not only with a dragon 😉

Then at some point… my team was composed of 2 Knight Enchanters, my avatar and Vivienne… And with these, the strategy clearly became easier for every battles. So even if i wasn’t invincible… i didn’t care that much about customizing gear as i was already very strong !

The Highland Ravager, understand the most powerful dragon of the original game, and largely more harder than Corypheus himself (which was a piece of cake) just took me about 45 minutes or so…

But all of this suddenly changed when i arrived to Hakkon…

Frankly it was like receiving a Slap in the Face ! even more than 1 ! And it’s never enjoyable for a player to feel like you are a little shit once more ! And i think i can understand the frustration i have read on internet from many players, who spent like me more than 150-180+ hours on the original game in nightmare mode, but who never have been challenged as it was the case in Hakkon !

In Jaws of Hakkon… most of us players who never really thought about the Best Customization for our gear, will feel the experience Very Punitive from the start and during all the DLC ! Whatever your level of experience is… as your enemies will be of the same level, it won’t be easier trying to gain a few levels. You’ll die at the same rate if you don’t come back to Skyhold to change your team and gear !

Even if you try hard like me to micro-manage every battles, using your old team and non-customized gear… At some point after hours and hours of trying to survive, telling yourself that this team managed to save the world before so it must prevail in Hakkon, will only get you more and more frustrated…

In Hakkon you must adapt to the Enemy !

I used to finish the game with my avatar, cassandra, Vivienne and Varric…

And after 13 hours in Jaws of Hakkon where the experience was REALLY BAD for me… not enjoyable at all… i miraculously survived until the famous battle against the Jaws of Hakkon Boss, where i finally understood that i had to change something if i wanted to win without becoming mad of rage !

And so i spent one hour at Skyhold to think about the best abilities, and to re-create a gear that would allow me to survive this time ! As i had 2 mages… i was relying a little too much on the barriers, and not enough on the rest.

So my new team was my avatar, Blackwall, Sera and Vivienne !

  • I used schematics to create every armors and nearly every weapons !
  • I put a Fade-Touched material in everything !
  • A Fade-Touched giving +3 to +5 Guard in every weapons !
  • A Fade-Touched healing after damage in 2 armors
  • A Fade-Touched granting walking fortress in 2 other armors
  • A Cold Resistance defense in every armors
  • A Belt of Cold Resistance on 3 of 4 of my characters
  • Upgraded Confusion Grenades to the max of their abilities
  • A Belt of Master grenades on Sera with 8 Confusion Grenades

And then it completely changed the experience !

An hour before i was trying to survive even the random battles against the Hakkonites… trying to freeze, stun, paralyze or using sleep in order to avoid their One-Shot killing blows ! And an hour later it was like i was now powerful enough to go into battle without fear ! For an overpowered DLC, you need an overpowered Team !

The upgraded Confusion Grenades are deadly when used at the right time ! It actually helped me to kill the Hakkonite BOSS too fast to believe it… Using a confusion grenade on the very first spawn of Hakkonite warriors, they actually did More Damage to the Boss than i could ever hope using the super ability Mark of the Rift !

Not joking… at some point the Boss was at 180 khp and 2 minutes later he was already at 120 khp, and 1-2 minutes later he got severed to a mere 20 khp ! I knew my Dps was good but not that much, so this damage output was coming from the charmed enemies ! In the end this battle passed from impossible to easy after an hour of team tweaking ! I only used 3 healing potions and 3 confusion grenades… never touched to the supplies on the floor.

With this new team i went then into “The Descent”… and it was a good move to rethink the entire team, as the next DLC is swarming us with mobs ! 😀 Though i am level 27 so i can’t gain experience anymore… 🙁

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