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Sexuality with Male Enhancement explained by Dr. Mark Butcher.

Declining Testosterone with Age

Truth Revealed on Male Enhancement

First you should know that Testosterone is very important for Men !

Actually both Women and Men have Testosterone in their body. Of course this hormone is mainly related to Male Traits like Masculine voice and pilosity, that’s why men with more body hairs are considered to have more virility than others. Women with a high testosterone level have some masculine traits on their face, as well as a stronger and deeper voice tone.

This hormone also governs Men sexual attitude and self confidence towards women. Sadly as we’re not all born equal (sorry for religious people who think we are… we’re not !), Scientifics have worked hard to recreate supplements, that can fill the lack of testosterone from one man to another.

In fact there are advantages and disadvantages to reach a high testosterone level…

Advantages :

  • You’re considered an Alpha Male, and that means people see you as a Leader.
  • You’re sexually dominant and perform like a beast in bed and many women love it!

Disadvantages :

  • To behave as a leader because others are seeing you like this is stressful overtime.
  • You lose your hairs faster because too much testosterone is not so good for your hairs.

Why are we speaking about Testosterone ? Because it’s directly related to the Men Supplements called…

Male Enhancement and The Reality of a Big Penis

We’re going to tell You everything You Need to know about these products !

1 – Male Enhancement is a Scam Niche

That means there are lot of scammers out there on internet, trying to make money on you back !

Here are two pictures below of random people from YouTube, both claiming to have tested a Male Enhancement like VigrX Plus. These people are acting on purpose, as they are trying to sell you products they never even touched once in their whole life.

These actors are just acting in order to make you believe, that they are people like you and that you can trust them ! Behind these guys… there is someone who just want to make money, and who hired these actors to tell you what they want you to believe.

For your information, these amateurs acting are legion on the net as they’re all coming from a website selling services called Fiverr. Actually Fiverr is a very useful website when you need something done for a cheap price (starting from 5$), but on Internet many scams have been created by paying actors coming from there. Because it’s fast and cheap…

Dr. Mark Butcher

Scam #1 of a Fat guy promoting VigRX Plus

A Famous VigrX Plus Scammer

  • Video duration is ~7 minutes, It’s longer than the usual scam you can find, as generally scammers are paying actors for just 1 or 2 minutes for 5$. So you could believe his little story… But the guy looks far from an Alpha Male ! It’s obvious he doesn’t fuck…
  • This video jumped from 0 to 65000 views in less than a week, then the counter suddenly stopped ! That’s called Counter Gaming on youtube, that means the scammer behind the scene has also paid another service on fiverr, to raise his views counter… In fact nobody really watched this video, it was only a program generating fake views. But in the end it can make you believe that this video is highly popular ! These are little tricks used in Marketing on internet.
  • You can see comments on his video, but these comments are also all Fake ! And if you try to put your own comment it’s going to be trashed right away. The scammer only want comments going his way… That’s why he paid a for a 3rd service, which was somebody owning multiple accounts on google to write several good comments.

In the end you got an actor, many thousand views and around 50 false comments, all designed to scam you and make you buy the product.

One more Fake Enhancement Review

  • Video duration is around ~3 minutes, but this guy never shows himself ! He also has other videos on other sexual stimulants, but once more he never shows up ! That’s a scam, the guy never tested any of the products he is speaking about.
  • This guy is even more funny, as he claims he has tested both products during the last 2 years ! If it was true it would not be that kind of speech at all, he’s just using global terms and words that are pure marketing words. As an Alpha Male he should speak about women, nightclubs or sexual experiences… without thinking about what others could think of him. Why ? Because he would be an Alpha Man ! And an Alpha doesn’t care about what the others can think.
  • At Loadmyblog we received real testimonials from people using a Male Enhancement, and we can tell you that this man have never used any of these products… nor has he touched a woman in a very long time !

Though this video can still be successful ! Because on internet there are not a lot of real Alpha Men making videos… So for a newcomer to Male Enhancements, he could find this video to be genuine. (but it’s not !)

2 – People are ready to do anything to sell !

You have to understand that most of these Fake videos are made by people who need money urgently ! Or they’re living in countries where the money is distributed in a very unfair way… These actors are paid 5$ for every 1 or 2 minutes of speech, so creating a fake review for a product generally only cost a maximum of 20$… which is not really an expensive investment considering the newcomers are going to believe in it !

The scammers who are paying these people understood one thing ! That you would trust more easily your neighbor, than a big company promoting its products ! Because if that’s your neighbor… You think he has nothing to win ! But if it’s the company… You think they do that to make money 😉

Even if the product is a good product… VigrX Plus is great, we know we’ve tested it ! But the problem here is… You’re going to give your trust to somebody acting to help you, and in the end… They weren’t telling you the truth about their own experience. It was a Scam ! A Fake review designed to make you buy the supplement ! They’re telling you a nice story you’re willing to hear, they try to befriend you and after that they win money on your back ! To simplify… They are Using You !

Dr. Mark Butcher

Why would you use a Male Enhancement ?

  • A Male Enhancement supplement is composed of a dozen of All Natural ingredients ! This product is going to touch to our Reproductive System so it’s very sensitive, and laboratories know well that this is not a subject they can mess with. As a result your whole body will benefit from these ingredients, it’s not just a Penis Booster !
  • When you feel you could do better in terms of sexual performances, and you would manage that more easily with a Sexual Stimulant ! Then of course after some time… you can stop and rely on your built self confidence.
  • When you feel like there’s no spark anymore in your couple ! In that case to save your sexual life and even your whole life with your partner, one of you have to do something ! There’s no shame in rekindling the blazes of love with a Male Enhancement… After all you don’t need to speak about it 😉

Compared to the HGH Releasers which have not to be taken before the age of 25, Male Enhancements can be consumed as soon as you’re an Adult ! So depending on your country it can go from to 18 to 21, because a Male Enhancement can bring you many benefits even if you’re already in a very good health.

You have to change the way you see Sexual Stimulants, as it’s not at all a product for old people ! The Viagra is a supplement for old guys or people who have erections issues, that is true ! But a Male Enhancement is much more than that ! We have many young studs using a male enhancement, because in the end they perform sexually better than their friends ! And girls tend to stay with the guys who are more Fun in the bedroom !

Why would you need a Male Enhancement ?

The 4 Best Male Enhancement on the Market

These are simply the most working and efficient solutions for men !

VigRX Plus the Leader of Male Enhancements !

VigRX Plus the Leader

Rating : 5 on 5
Simply put… VigRX Plus is the #1 Rated Supplement for Men since more than 10 years ! We could speak about Male Enhancements all night long, and we will always come back at the very source… VigRX ! Its effects are known to fortify Your whole body, and its original formula have been significantly enhanced over the years. If you never consumed a Sexual Stimulant before, it will rock your life for sure.
Proenhance the sneakyto Break In !

Proenhance the Sneaky

Rating : 4 on 5
ProEnhance is simply the Prosolution Formula in a Discrete Patch ! If you don’t feel like swallowing pills nor either applying a cream on your penis before action… Then ProEnhance will go unnoticed while still increasing your sexual performances ! Weaker than VigrX Plus, it won’t be the same kind of fireworks, but still a very powerful ally in your sexual life.
Prosolution Plus the Challenger

Prosolution Plus the Challenger

Rating : 5 on 5
Most serious alternative to VigRX Plus ! Prosolution Plus pills are focusing exclusively on Sexual Performances, where VigRX is also fortifying the whole Body. The result is a Hardcore experience like in Porn movies ! Basically most people will choose VigRX Plus, but for those who are seeking Beast Power… Prosolution plus is the answer. This product is extensively used in American Porn Movies to achieve Hardcore Sex.
Prosolution Gel for More Fun

Prosolution Gel for Fun

Rating : 4 on 5
Prosolution Gel is the Prosolution formula in a Cream ! It has been designed for men who just need this little extra performance when the moment come. The result is a Powerful cream you just have to apply on your penis. You can even play with your partner and ask her to rub your penis with it, saying that it will increase even more the pleasure between you two. Women love to play 😉

Can You Enlarge Your Penis with a Male Enhancement ?

Can You Enlarge Your Penis with Pills ?

  • With a Male Enhancement like VigRX Plus, Prosolution Plus or ProEnhance… Yes Sir ! Though you have to understand that this process is going to take time, as your body needs time to adapt and enlarge anything. No the Penis is not a muscle ! But… like any other muscles in the body it will grow overtime, if you feed him with the right ingredients. So no it won’t grow after only 1 week of pills 😉 but yes after 3 months it’s going to enlarge in width, length and girth.
  • The results will depend from one person to another, but the average increase was 3.5cm in height, and 1 cm in width. Meaning somebody starting with a Penis of 15cm in height and 3cm in width, can hope to achieve 18cm on 4cm after 6 months ! Male Enhancement results can even go further if you take VigRX Plus during a Full year !
  • The Prosolution Gel product will not enlarge your Penis overtime, as it’s not designed for such a purpose. Prosolution Cream is solely made for an on-the-fly application, but it won’t feed your body with the necessary ingredients to enlarge anything on the long run. So if you don’t plan to increase your penis size, and if you just need a sexual stimulant working right on the spot ! The cream is the best choice !

Most people think that a Penis Size can’t be increased, but sorry they’re wrong ! Provided you consume the right ingredients, You can increase the size of your Penis. Though we are all different and we’re all starting from a different base. Some people already have a big penis when others do not. It’s not even a racial question, as you might know or not… That the regular size of a black man, compared to a white man, is approximately the same.

The only difference lies in the proven scientific fact, that Black Men tends to be already at 65% of their erection levels at all time, when white men are below 50%. That’s why you can see big black cocks at the gym, and think they are bigger than you 😉 But in fact no because black men erections will give them less volume than white men will, and in the end both will arrive at the same size.

This little myth led everyone to believe during the last 50 years, that Black Men Sex were bigger 😀 Not true at all ! Nevertheless… Many women do prefer when cocks are not small even when there’s no erection, so yes on that point as black men are already at 65% of their erection at all time, they do have an advantage on white men ! We can’t deny it as it’s true, but consuming Male Enhancements can help on that point !

A Male Enhancement can Help You to Attract Women ?

  • No it’s not designed to seduce women, and it won’t help you to lure them more easily in your bed. The only thing that can influence a Woman to open its intimacy to You is… To have a Big Penis ! You see there’s an old Urban Legend going since decades, that the size wouldn’t be as important as the knowledge of how to use it. Scientifically it’s irrelevant because the bigger your penis is, the more you are filling your partner vagina or ass, and the less you have to know how to use it. That’s also why i’ve said earlier that we’re not all born equal… Even on the size of our penis some are more lucky than others, but that’s where Male Enhancements can fill the gap.
  • Now there’s also the question of Self Confidence, as a Bigger Sex can literally influence your Day to Day life ! When a man have a Big Sex he knows he’s gifted, so his self confidence get a real boost when it comes to the bed part. A man with a Big Penis won’t be shy to show his Massive Tool, when a guy with a small sex will try harder to seduce women, but once arrived to the action… He might turn off the light, in order to hide his small parts as much as he can. So on that part, we can say that Male Enhancements can indirectly help you to seduce women through higher self confidence… But This will only happen once Your Penis have reached a Bigger Size ! 😉
  • Concerning the Prosolution Gel, you might think it would become embarrassing to apply it on your sex, but you have to turn that to your advantage ! Simply tell your partner that it’s going to enhance furthermore your mutual pleasure, and that if she wants… You can let her rub your Penis with it ! I am sure you can even innovate and find new tricks ! Don’t forget that women love to play with your little… Big Tool ! 😉

On the seduction part, Male Enhancement products won’t help to seduce women in a night club, a bar or in the street… Because you’re not hanging out completely naked to show your Male Attributes 😀 But it will definitely bring you more confidence in the bed ! You will show your new BIG TOY to a partner who will become eager to play with it ! Now if attracting girls more easily is something you’re also looking for, try out Nexus Pheromones !

Can Male Enhancement Attract Women more easily ?
Fat Burners can Impact Sexual Performances ?

Fat Burners can Impact Sexual Performances ?

  • Unfortunately they do have a negative impact ! You won’t see this information everywhere, as we are professionals who are testing products in many different situations. When using a Male Enhancement you should not take a Fat Burner of any kind, as most Fat burners will counteract the benefits of a Sexual Stimulant.
  • Transparent Sperm is one of the common issues caused by Fat Burners, Though when it happens men don’t speak about it ! Your Semen is becoming more and more liquid, to the point that you won’t be able to hold back during sex and your partner might think you have the Premature Ejaculation syndrom. If you actually have that problem and you are consuming a Bodybuilding supplement like a strong Fat Burner, we advise you to stop at once as it could lead to more dangerous symptoms to your reproductive system.
  • If you have this sperm issue symptom we spoke just above, SemenaX can give you back the good sperm texture and consistence you had before using fat burners. Not only does Semenax can increase your volume of sperm, but it will repair the damage done by these strong weight loss products.
  • We have personally identified the products Lipo-6 Black and Oxy Elite Pro, to have a Powerful NEGATIVE Impact on the Male Reproduction System. We had consumers who were wondering why VigRX Plus was not working for them… We talked with them and it happened that they were taking these 2 fat burners. Once they decided to stop them, they retrieved all of their sexual abilities some weeks later. Yes it took weeks and not days to repair the damage, that’s where you can see that Fat Burners are very bad for health.

We advise you to avoid any Fat Burners you could find on the market. If you want to lose weight without any side effects like what you’ve read above, try instead our HGH Line of Supplements. Then of course if you’re not 25-30 years old yet to take a HGH product, then just go for our side effects free weight loss supplements, and go to the local gym for some cardio training, and you’ll eliminate all this fat overtime.

Taking a Strong Fat Burner from bodybuilding websites is like playing with your life.

Porn Movies can Ruin your Sexual Life ?

  • More than you think ! Watching a porn movie have a strong impact on our perception of Sex, as we’re looking at the action from the Producer Angle of View. Our brain becomes excited by all these beautiful curves in motion, but also by the context where it’s taking place. Looking through the camera makes us the actors, it’s like We are fucking this woman or man ! Even if… we’re only rubbing our cock on the couch 😉
  • A bad context is a bad influence ! In our modern society the Porn industry tries to excite us more and more, to the point where everything can be done in order to satisfy our most vile needs ! Ultimate Pragmatism in action… Giving birth to nasty things like Domination, Humiliation and even Fake Rape. These are the new Standards and Top Rated Sales of the Adult Business. Unfortunately and believe it or not, Images and Videos are influencing us overtime. At some point we’re not excited anymore by our partner, if we’re not having these same situations in our daily life. And it can lead to serious situations, where men want to rape women just to get back the feeling they had watching this fake rape. And of course the industry of sex always denied all of this… they just want your money, and they don’t care about the rest. This industry is worth billions and they won’t stop it for a few rapes.
  • Fake Bombshells took for granted ! As you might know there’s a lot of Make-Up done on porn actresses, but not only on their faces… their whole bodies are covered with Make-Up ! Actually the most covered part of the women body is their ass ! As of course the camera point of view is focusing on it 90% of the time. A Perfect Ass should be the center of attraction, and have to look firm and curvy to the eyes of the spectators. Problem is… between surgery and Make-Up our Brain tends to want that kind of ass after some movies, and the regular body of our partner do not excite us anymore.

Porn Movies can literally Ruin your Sex Life ! Sometimes if your partner do not excite you anymore, watching too much porn and rubbing yourself 1h a day can be the main source of your problems. Sexual Life is not what you see in XXX Films. We’re not here to tell you follow god and don’t touch to these evil tapes. No ! We just want to warn you that even these actors and actresses do not particularly love their jobs. But it’s a job where you can make a LOT of money in no time ! Like Prostitution… The Issue is you can think it’s real, and then your own couple can fall to pieces.

Many couples have been ruined because the man was watching too much porn, and the desire for his wife fell weeks after weeks. In the case you have been negatively influenced by XXX films, we recommend you to use the Male Enhancement Prosolution Plus and not VigRX Plus. Because Prosolution is going to make you feel like you’re a dominant man like in Porn movies.

Porn Movies and Your Sexual Life ?
Fit Body can Improve Sexual Performances ?

Does a Fit Body enhance Sexual Performances ?

  • Yes of course ! You might have noticed that most actors in the Porn Industry are quite Fit ! Because apart from the sexual acts they have to perform on camera, their job is also to literally spend 2 to 4 hours a day in the local gym. Not only to appear good on screen as you know we’re in a society where appearance is very important, but also to provide a hardcore experience to the consumer ! Everybody who have practiced Rough or Hardcore Sex one day, will tell you that an Intense Sex Session is like a 1 hour training at the Gym. Bodybuilded Actors can perform better than others, because they can sustain any positions for longer !
  • That’s why most women tends to prefer men with a 6 pack ! Having Muscled Abdominal means these guys are training hard, they are careful about their diet, or… for a few of them they’re simply gifted ! And that’s of course the kind of men a woman is interested in ! Not only because she wants a perfect body as perfection doesn’t exist, and we’re all perfect for somebody on earth… But for the main reason that a Healthy Man will be the best choice for Procreation. You have to know that every humans have in their subconscious minds, a part deeply anchored in our genetic which cares only about reproduction ! And having healthy babies can be better accomplished if both parents are already healthy… And every women can smell your healthiness from far away !

If you’re a man seeking sexual performances to reach your own perfection, then taking a sexual stimulant is a good start but far from enough ! To be able to go over your own thresholds you’ll also need to invest in a Gym Subscription, to train like 2 to 4 hours a week and if you do require some help on working out, then Our line of HGH Releasers will help you to get all the motivation to build yourself a great physique !

And if you think your woman could benefit from some sexual supplements… Try out Provestra !

Now you know what to expect from a Male Enhancement

So if we have awaken your curiosity, don’t hesitate and click here to check out our list of Supplements

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