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Piracy Harms Developers !

But we don’t really care in the end…

The picture above is a screenshot taken from the well known and infamous Crackwatch website… Very useful to know when the game you’re waiting for will be cracked, if it can be cracked of course ! But time have shown that even the best protection made by human beings, the Famous protection called Denuvo, could be cracked very fast once the hackers could figure out how it was working.

Though now that Denuvo is not a challenge anymore, last Denuvo games were hacked in a few days, the New UWP will certainly prove to be another mountain to climb for all the hackers groups 😉

Anyway the subject i’d like to talk about today is… Do we Really Care about Developers Support ?

I haven’t spent a single dollar for a video game in years !

The last game i have bought with my own money was Starcraft 2 lol back in 2010 ! And guess what ? I played to it for 2 hours and then i uninstalled it… Not because the game was bad, no not all… But just because i was growing older, and so spending so much time on an online multiplayer game was not my cup of tea anymore.

I guess i had other important things to do in my life… But i continued to download single player games ! The best advantage for me of a single player game vs an online game, is i could stop whenever i wanted to… I mean when you’re playing online, it’s best to enter a guild if you want to learn and acquire new skills, and so if you’re leaving too many times like a thief… Other gamers could see you as someone who’s not really reliable.

And though i was pretty convinced that Piracy Harms Developers, it didn’t made me stop downloading…

I’ve downloaded Hundreds of games but still I am not in jail…

I have used pirated games since at least 30 years of my life !

When i was 7 years old my brother (8 years older) who had a Commodore 64 and then an Amiga 500, knew a friend who knew a guy who was reselling pirated games… So apart from the very first video game he bought, the marvelous Bubble Bobble, 99% of the games we had was provided from this piracy source…

And so i was conditioned very early in my life to not pay for video games… And later i would also tell you that Internet and DSL connections, conditioned me to NOT PAY for anything i could get via my computer for FREE ! why would i pay for something i can steal without being arrested ?

I remember back in the days, i used to read some warez fanzines and in one of them there was this sentence that i’ll never forget, a sentence from a hacker among many who said…

Piracy on Internet is a like a store ! You know you have to pay for the things inside this store, you know that it would be illegal to steal anything from this store ! But… You also know that if you steal from this store, nobody’s going to notice the theft, and nobody’s going to arrest you… So… what are you going to do ? Pay or Steal ?

Of course i’d Steal even if i know Piracy Harms Developers !

C’mon ! I know the store in front of me is full of things i want, and i know no policemen are going to chase me or arrest me. So why the fuck would i pay for anything inside this store ??? Because i would feel bad for the developers ? I am sorry but i don’t know them… And Yeah life is hard but that’s not my problem, everyone got problems 😉

And if i was conditioned to think like that… I really don’t think i am the only one out there 😉 You see when we’re downloading a game on internet, on the P2P or Warez websites… We always see the little .NFO file from hackers in each of their releases. And most of the time you’ll see the little sentence…

If you like it, Buy it ! Support the Devs !

This little sentence made me remember about a time when i had my own little Warez Website, with a stupid little disclaimer saying that if you wanted to download the game files i was providing, you had to own the original !

LAUGHABLE ! 😀 Why would someone download a game that he already paid for ? Because even if the context is different… Both my old disclaimer and the Hacker’s sentence is a COMPLETE BULLSHIT ! If i am downloading a pirated game it’s not to buy it next week !?! It’s to play the fucking game like if had stolen it myself from the store ! The store where there’s nobody to enforce the Law !

If i really cared about developers work, and if i just wanted to try the game i would download the DEMO ! I would certainly not download the entire pirated game ! It’s like you give someone the ability to drive a Super Fast Car for FREE, and then you’ll tell him that he can also buy it to support those who designed it ! But… If he doesn’t pay for it… not a problem he’ll be able to keep it anyway ^_^

Piracy Harms Developers because we don’t give a fuck !

If i was a developer working hard on a video game, trying to make a living…

I WOULD BE FUCKING PISSED OFF to know that my project, my video game on which i have invested years of my fucking life !, would be available for FREE on a Pirated website or on the P2P networks ! That would make me enraged to the point i would certainly be willing to kill hackers !

When you’re working so hard to make your project come to life… To see it stolen like if it was just a question of minutes with a Good DSL connection, is like reducing your work to nothing ! You worked several years and then without any money coming in your pocket, the result of your work is Downloaded, Leeched and Shared by the thousands with no thanks… As if a simple thanks would be enough to fill your fridge -_-

Piracy Harms Developers and It’s No Illusion !

The defenders of Piracy will say that companies have all benefited from Piracy ! And that it brought them more Good than Harm… But that’s as smart as my old stupid disclaimer, and as smart as the hacker’s sentence saying that if we’re good minded people, we should buy the game we’re downloading…

If we were good minded people we would not be downloading pirated games ! If we were good minded people we would REALLY support the devs ! If we were good minded people we would pay for things, instead of stealing them when given the opportunity !

Go tell the developer of Paper Sorcerer who worked hard for 3 years on its project, and never been able to to make any Good Money out of it ! Because his game was released very fast as a FREE download, though it was only 5$ ! Yeah 5$ only for a game with at least 30 hours of content ! But when we’re conditioned to NOT PAY… We don’t give a fuck about the developers lifes ! Let your Good Minded people stuff for children 😉

We’re motivated by GREED and nothing else ! We want his work for FREE ! We want to play his game without giving him a penny ! HE SHOULD PAY US to play to his game ! (hey ! i am joking :-P) But… sometimes you really wonder… Frankly you know the game is cheap, you know the game is good, but still you’re so much in your life where… You can get anything for FREE now… That it’s going to be hard to make people pay even 1 dollar !

Because the problem is not the price ! Price have never been a problem !

When you Must Pay for it… You’ll Pay !

But when it’s not an obligation… you won’t !

Piracy Harms Developers because it removed the need to follow the rules by the book ! The Law about video games is so Blurry, that the percentage to be arrested is not even 0.000001% ! Even for big websites like The Pirate Bay, it took years for companies to achieve some progress in their fight against piracy. So why would you be scared if you download one game ? You don’t have to be scared… Nobody cares about your download !

And if you’re arrested by the police… Man you’re really the Unlucky type ! You had as much chance to be arrested as to win the grand lottery ! Next time… Play to the LOTTO ! 😉

ALL Players who are downloading the latest video games, which are requiring some big hardware, have ALL paid (unless you know someone…) for their computers, for their big video cards, for their marvelous Razor Mouse and Impressive Sound System ! But still… they don’t find the money to buy a video game. ^_^ Because of course you can’t download a GTX TITAN… And if you try to steal it from your local store, you’re in for big problems !

If you’re a football Fan you’ll pay for a HUGE TV !

Like that you’ll invite all your friends for a Pizza party while enjoying the show ! This TV will cost a lot, but you don’t care you HAD the money ! And anyway it wasn’t possible to have this TV for free… Couldn’t be downloaded and far too heavy to run from the store to your car, without being stopped by the security guards 😉

Video Game Price never been the Issue !

If you have the hardware to play a video game… you have the money to buy it !

Piracy Harms Developers because you don’t want to buy what you can get for FREE !

When paying is not a requirement to enjoy something, you won’t pay for it !

Piracy Harms Developers because you’re not scared to download and Steal !

We have been conditioned since many many years, since internet and the FREE access… Everything seems to be FREE ! There are FREE to PLAY games on smartphones, and we don’t understand why we should pay for video games. The big companies are making LOT of Money with advertisings, but the independent developers are dying in mass.

You may think Piracy is helping companies, but that would be lying to yourself… Piracy only help companies which are already well established ! When it comes to newcomers trying to eat a little of the international market, Piracy will destroy them even if they think that 2000 illegal downloads will bring them even more orders !

But the reality is VERY FAR from this utopian dream…

And don’t expect to change our conditioning… Now to NOT PAY for stuff we can get for FREE is deeply anchored in our mindsets. Free Video Games, Free Music, Free Movies… But the Cinema is not as much impacted as the video game industry, because it’s always cool to go see a movie with friends… And always a good thing to seduce a girl 😉

Well to bring your girl to the cinema is much more romantic than to download the movie on the P2P network… That’s another example of something you NEED to PAY for ! Bring your girl out and you won’t even look at the restaurant bill ! Take some holidays in another country, and whatever you have to pay for…

You’ll PAY whatever the price ! Because you HAVE TO !

Piracy Harms Developers and it will continue…

Until someone finds a way to make people understand that… YOU HAVE to PAY !

That’s also why so many companies are making their games online only… 🙁

Myself i’ll continue to download video games, as long as no policeman is going to knock on my door, because i know the Law don’t care about my downloads, but i am well aware that what i am doing is bad… And that everytime i download a game, there’s a developer in the world that would love to receive something for all the hard work.

And i know for sure that even if i had more money… I wouldn’t pay for it either !

As i said… Money is not the problem, have never been a problem and will never be ! When you want something in life that you must pay for… you’ll work hard to PAY for it ! Piracy is more a problem of Education !

Dr. Mark Butcher

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