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Real Racing 3 Multiplayer

Who will be the Best Cheater ?

First… let me tell you that i LOVE Real Racing 3 with a Capital L ! It’s surely the best Free to Play Driving Simulation ever made to this day. I even wrote a french article about it… (but beware as i said it’s in french 😉 ) saying that i would recommend it to anyone, and i do ! I’ve already spent more than 56 hours on it, completed around 275 challenges, and played A LOT in the Real Racing 3 Multiplayer ! 😉

I just love to compete against other players ! I did learn a lot since i raced against other real drivers, i am now driving better but i also learned to protect myself from other cars, and to become much more aggressive 😉 Because let’s face it… Sometimes Destruction Derby should be the name of the game ^_^

Win Real Racing 3 Multiplayer by any means !

Although Real Racing 3 encourages Good Driving… The reality of Real Racing 3 Multiplayer is very far from that ! People are literally bumping into others cars, pushing them violently out of the road, or smashing them from behind ! But… i am good with that 😀 I mean a little bumper car party won’t hurt anyone 😉

Besides… I think it’s good for new players to know they can even challenge skilled drivers, knowing they can have the opportunity to bump them out of the lap during the next curve 😉 Hey ! c’mon be a man ! You can do it… But your opponent can do it too ! So everyone’s got equal chances and it spices things up !

In every multiplayer races i am trying to bump into others cars to make way for my own car ^_^ You know at first… i wasn’t like that ! I tried to race the nice way, and then after 10 to 15 races where i just felt i was the flipper ball everyone was bumping into, i got sick of it and began to play Mad Max !

And i don’t regret it because i find the challenge even more funny that way 😀

But Real Racing 3 Multiplayer is spoiled by Cheaters !

As i said i don’t mind to see other cars bumping into me, because i do the same ! But i did mind when i learned that the Best Players were only Cheaters ! Unfortunately the Best Drivers are using cheats to get between the 1st and 10th place in every tournaments, in order to win the 500 gold prize.

These players are the best drivers… But they’re too scary to enter a real challenge with other cars, they don’t want to lose points following a Bump that would have sent them into the wall. They’re using cheats to make the real racing 3 multiplayer a basic Chrono Event !

I wouldn’t give a fuck if players were just taking the famous BrainPill Supplement to enhance their skills, like it’s the case for some of the best players of Asphalt 8 but also in E-Sport, with the Korean Team of League of Legends. It’s not a cheat, they just spent money to think and react faster. But i don’t like it when players are trying to cheat the system !

Real Racing 3 Multiplayer cheats !

Do you remember when you were driving in front of everyone else ? You hit the end of the race as the Winner ! And then when the results are analyzed and displayed, you see you’re 2nd ! What the Fuck ? There was nobody in front of you ! But in the final result there’s someone… A Cheater !

How do these cheaters do that ?

  • They’re using the Ghost Car Cheat to make them untouchable, and so all they have to care about is to race as if they were in a safe event without anyone to block them.
  • Some are also using the Speed Hack, intentionally raising by a little the speed of their cars… Not too much to not be detected by the system, but enough to let the others behind.
  • Finally some are using another Unfair cheat, allowing them to select a more powerful car not available to the other players. And after that you see one car in the starting blocks, which is faster than all the others.

Real Racing 3 Multiplayer ? What’s the point ?

Now that you know there are some cheaters that can literally destroy your scores in the tournament… What’s the point of playing in multiplayer ? I mean by the start of a new tournament, you’ll see players hitting the 1200-1250 score… And these are already the Best Drivers of Real Racing 3.

But then by the end of the week…

Cheaters will woke up ! They’ll activate their cheats to be protected from every bumps, and optionally become impossible to catch with their Speed Hack… They will blow the scores by raising theirs between 1400 to 1500. The Best players who had already scored 1200+ points will be out of the league, and for the average players i am part of… Scoring between 600 and 800, the tournament prizes will stay a Big Joke 😀

Frankly… What’s the point of trying hard to achieve a high score, when you know it’s going to be crushed by cheaters ? I mean… i am not speaking for myself, i know i will never get to that kind of high score and i simply enjoy the game by racing with average players, with my Destruction Derby Style 😀

But i am thinking to the Best Drivers whose prizes are stolen each week by cheaters… isn’t it frustrating ? Is it really worth your time to spend so many hours grinding points, when you know by the end that your score will be blown away ! Think to it… This frustration and time wasted is not worth even 500 gold !

And for the common money the R$… let’s also talk about it ! Between my score of let’s say… 700 if i am lucky lol… I’ll win 7000 R$ ! One of the best drivers scoring a 1300 without any cheats will win 13000 R$, and will still be VERY FAR from the cheaters so NO Gold ! That’s funny because between me and one of the Best Drivers… There’s only 6000 R$ difference by the end of the tournament lol

6000 R$ ! Simply do a Beginner’s Nascar Race and you can win this 3 to 4 times… That’s laughable considering all the time that this Driver must have spent to get there ! So between you and me… I don’t give a Fuck when i am bumped by another player, losing 100 points in the process ! Because i know that even if my score was at 400 (fortunately it will never go so low lol…) I would still be only 9000 R$ away from the prize the Best Driver received ! That means i just launch a nascar race and 5 minutes later i closed the gap 😀

So here’s why you should Play to Real Racing 3 Multiplayer !

We already know that…

  • It’s useless to try to be among the TOP 10 Players, Cheaters will always beat you !
  • it’s useless to care about your Rank, the R$ reward is laughable

So the only purpose i see in Real Racing 3 Multiplayer is…

  1. BUMP in a maximum of cars !
  2. Of course try to win the race… but in the meantime…
  3. SMASH Them ALL ! 😀
  4. Sodom… All your opponents as deep as you can !
  5. Break at the Start for the fucker behind to crash into your butt !
  6. Break Heavily if you see one Good Driver closing in behind you !
  7. When someone tries to pass to your left or right, make a quick hit from the opposite direction to send him in the walls ! Your move must be quick and instantaneous ! The quicker the better !
  8. You took a bad curve and received the slow speed penalty ? Try to block the road as much as you can ! With luck they’ll bump into you and will send you fly ahead of them and still on the road ! 😀
  9. Make them Suffer all the way !
  10. Make them Angry to the point they’ll throw their smartphone on the wall ! 😀
  11. Imagine them shouting Mother Fuckaaaaa !!!!! 😀
  12. Write BITCH on every sides of your Car !
  13. Write a Big FU in the Front !
  14. Write a Huge C’mon Sucker at the Rear !
  15. But most importantly… Have Fun wreaking Havoc on the Race ^_^

Rewards are shit, you can’t compete with cheaters, but at least you can be a Pain in The Ass Driver ! 😉

Real Racing 3 Multiplayer needs more Prizes !

I really think the range of prizes needs to be expanded !

10 places only to win Gold is ridiculous… We’re thousands of thousands of players… So of course with at the very least hundreds of cheaters, these prizes will never be won by Fair Players… whatever their skill level. I mean you can be the best player in the world… But playing against one of the best players using a cheat… You’ll lose ! Maybe not on the short run, but on the long run you will !

I am a new player to Real Racing 3… I am coming from Asphalt 8 Airborne, and i can tell you that i’ll never go back ! Real Racing 3 Real Driving Simulation is far more enjoyable ! But i have to admit… That the prizes you can get in the actual multiplayer of Asphalt 8, are far more interesting than the prizes of Real Racing 3. I mean everyone in Asphalt 8 can get some good prizes by the end of the multiplayer tournament.

I really think the devs of Real Racing 3 Multiplayer should look into the rewards and change them !

As for the Cheaters of Real Racing 3…

Of course i’d like the system to BAN Them Permanently ! But i also think that these players are also the ones who must have invested money in the game… And no company will ever Ban its main sources of income 😉 Well at least if you don’t want to Ban them… Stop them from using these cheats. Real Racing 3 Popularity would be even better if nobody was speaking about cheats, Ghost Cars and Speed Hacks…

I am a new player and after only 56 hours of game time, i already encountered many of these cheaters !

I am planning to create a list of all the cheaters i would see in Real Racing 3 Multiplayer, this list will be right below and i’ll put a screenshot each time right to the name of the cheater.

Real Racing 3 Multiplayer Cheaters List

  1. [XAD7] Dmohk L. from team XAD7
  2. Turco D. (no team)
  3. [14K2] Xtal 25 from Team 14K2
  4. [101F] Vasya K. from team 101F
  5. Ya$ar T.

Maybe these teams are aware of their members cheating… and that would be really lame !

this list is in construction…. i’ll make it more beautiful later with screenshots 😉

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