Is SellHealth Affiliate Network Legit or Scam ?

First of all if you want to see right now what Sellhealth is, then click here (it will open in a new window)

Sellhealth is an Affilate Network… what does it mean ? It means it’s a system where you…

  1. Register for FREE with your Name, E-mail and so on…
  2. are Given the Opportunity to Make Money selling products “you don’t even own”

Basically that means that without moving an inch, relaxing in your armchair, watching your favorite TV Series…

You can Make Money without going to work !

Reading these lines you could ask yourself…

  • How is it possible ?
  • How does it work ?
  • What kind of money ? 1$ ? 10$ ?? 100$ ??? 1000$ ????
  • Can i do that even if i already got a job ?
  • Can i do that even if i have Kids and my days are short ??
  • Do i need to be an adult ?

So many questions in your head ! Of course when you read that you can Win Money without doing anything, it sounds too good to be true ! But… most of you would be interested to know if they can really Make More Money ! 🙂 Well… Unless your Last name is Trump or Gates… You need Money like everyone on Earth 😉

I have tested Sellhealth for the past few years

And i can assure you…

  • You can really make a lot of money !
  • The only money i spent was in Google or Bing Ads… and nobody forced me to do so.
  • You can win thousands of dollars every months, and i am not joking at all !
  • I have myself a job in real life and i had enough time to work on sellhealth products
  • I also have a kid at home and it wasn’t a problem
  • I am an adult… but even if you’re not and have a bank account, you’ll be able to make money !

But of course i can tell you whatever i want… you need some proofs !

So here is a screenshot of the Dashboard Affiliate

Click on the picture below to enlarge it!
Sellhealth Dashboard

As you can see on this image…

  1. At the top of the screen circled in red, you can see that i have won 496.65$ so far. I have specified to my affiliate manager that i only want to receive a payment when it reaches 1000$ and not before, so that’s wht you can see that the next payment is on the 10 February of 2017, but i shall receive nothing on this day as i haven’t reached the 1000$ yet, and so the money will stay on my account until i manage to do more sales.
  2. At the middle right of the screen you can see the statistics for yesterday… These clicks represent the number of people who have really “clicked on Order” on the website where i am promoting the sellhealth products. Unfortunately nobody bought anything on this day as you can see Total Sales is 0.

if you can’t wait anymore to join the Sellhealth Network, just click here! (opening in a new window)

Just below the statistics you can see a line to get “more detailed stats”, and this link is interesting as you can create reports of your last payments, and also see which products have sold more than the others.

As an example here is the image below of my last payouts

Click on the picture below to enlarge it!
Sellhealth Payouts Report

As you can see on this second image…

  • Though it started slow… you can see 245$ and then 167$, and at that time i wanted to be paid via standard check, it gradually reached several hundreds and then even more as you can see the last payments were all 1000$ or more ! Considering i have a real job as a Journalist… This is a Very Nice EXTRA Income !!
  • After the standard check i decided to go for the Fedex Check and then the Wire Transfer ! Why is that ? Because i am not living in the US… and in my country the Standard Check took around 3-4 weeks to cash on my bank account !! Too long… I even had to call my bank every time to ask if everything was all right. The Fedex Check is a standard check… but secured by Fedex Transport, so you won’t lose your check between one country and another. And finally the Wire Transfer because… it’s the Fastest way to Cash in ! Even my country it’s only taking 7 days… sometimes 10 days if it’s during holidays but not more.

Still you could doubt my little speech !

Yes that’s true… i could have have made that little payout report above with Photoshop !

Plenty of fake reports on the net you know ? A guy good with photoshop can make you believe whatever he wants ! Just have a look on the Facebook walls of your friends… People are sharing millions of self-made pictures every single day !

Well… i do use photoshop and i can find my way out of many things with Images.
But… i can’t create a real check ! so here is an image from my smartphone of a Real Sellhealth Standard Check.

Click on the picture below to enlarge it!
Sellhealth Standard Check Payout

As you can see this time it’s for Real ! It’s a physical check and not a speech without consistence !

I am not joking… You want to see all the products and offers ? just click here! (open in a new window)

And if it’s not enough… Here is the Wire Transfer !

As i said at the beginning… i went from the usual checks to the Wire Transfers, as it was faster to cash in. Though the wire transfers will be only sent if you reach a minimum of 500$, and will be FREE of CHARGE if you wait for the 1000$… That’s why i’ve asked to send the money only if the 1000$ was reached. (less fees !)

Click on the picture below to enlarge it!
Sellhealth Wire Transfer Payout

But some people have tried and Won 0$ !

I was browsing the net last week and i stumbled upon an old forum post… on BlackHatWorld website.

A guy was frustrated… because he tried to make money with sellhealth network, but in the end got nothing out of it. He claimed he received many clicks… but received no money ! So basically he thought that sellhealth had stolen the money from him.

As i said i have tried to make money for the past few years with Sellhealth… and the money only came in recently ! You can have many clicks a day, even 20 or 100 ! That doesn’t mean these people are going to buy from you. Some people are wasting money buying Advertisings on Google, as they think they’re going to be rich from one day to another… But if it was that simple, we would all be rich right ? 😉

As a test i even paid 3 times 100$ (so a total of 300$) of Ads on a well known porn website. As an example VigRX Plus is a male enhancement, so it’s assimilated to sexuality. Then advertising on Adult websites should bring you a High conversion rate right ? Wrong ! Yeah maybe some of them are going to buy from you… But don’t expect all these 2000 clicks to convert so easily !

Yeah for 300$ you can get around 2000 clicks on some porn websites ! But it’s mainly poor traffic… i mean people who are clicking on your ads while they’re masturbating at the same time 😀 One hand on the mouse, on hand on the cock… so impossible to open the wallet lol ! Besides… Even if a few will be interested by your products, most of them will only buy from you after weeks or even months.

Understand that it’s a long process as people won’t trust you easily, and that you have to provide the customers some key elements for him/her to open his/her wallet.

  • Protection… the customer has to feel safe
  • Deal… the customer has to think he’s the one making a good deal
  • Unique… the customer has to think he’s going to have the upper hand on the other people
  • An overall great landing page that encourage the buyers to open their wallets

I am not going to enter into marketing elements here, i just wanted to make you understand that… Sellhealth Network is a Genuine way to make a lot of extra money. Some people will succeed and some others will never win a single dollar. It’s a game of seduction… to seduce the customer as you would seduce a woman 😉

How do you promote the Sellhealth products ?

There are many products to promote on the Sellhealth Network

  • Natural Hgh Releasers
  • Male Enhancements for Men
  • Female Enhancers for Women
  • Anti-Aging creams
  • Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Growth Inhibitor
  • Brain Enhancements also called Nootropics

What you need is a place online to promote them ! That means…

  1. Your own website if possible… that’s what i have
  2. You can also promote them on Forums
  3. But also on Social Networks !

Though don’t promote aggressively… Because Facebook as an example doesn’t like that, and your link could end on the Black List. That means each time you’ll put it in a post… Facebook will tell you that it’s not possible to put this link. And even your own account could be banned ! If you’re spending days trying to make people buy your products, all that spam attitude will only get you kicked out of Facebook. Your choice !

Promoting Sellhealth Products is only about Links !

And there are products which will give you more money than others !

Click on the picture below to enlarge it!
Sellhealth VigRX Plus Promoter Link

As you can see on this third image…

  • Every product has its own commission level ! VigRX Plus is a male enhancement for men which have a Tremendous 50% commission !! That means that if you manage to sell a 12 months package to someone, you’ll get 245$ in your pocket in just one order 😀 And don’t think it’s impossible… i sold many of these myself ! That’s also why you can see A LOT of VigRX Plus links all over the internet… Whatever it works or not… one thing is sure… It’s the most promoted supplement by affiliates as it pays the most !
  • You can see a link circled in red, that’s the link you use to promote it. I have hidden my own number, but there is one at the end of this link and it is your promoter code. If someone click on your link, he’ll see this number/code on the official VigRX Plus website. That means you’ll be the one to get the Money !

I am sure you’re more and more excited so to join Sellhealth, just click here! (opening in a new window)

As i said above you can also pay for Online Advertisements…

But be careful with that…

First of all… nobody’s asking you to advertise. You can manage to win money with these products without paying for a single ad on Google / Bing ! Advertising is simply a way to be known faster… But that doesn’t mean you’re going to convert ! Take yourself as an example… You can see a pretty Ad on the net, click on it… but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to buy it right away ! Sometimes you’ll come back 6 months or even 1 year later because you don’t need it right now 🙂

So of course you can “create the need” but that’s not a subject i am going to elaborate here 😉

Just know that the main sources of Advertisements are Google… and Bing. Of course… Google is WAY BIGGER than Bing… like 100 to 1 lol… but Advertising with Bing Search Engine is also WAY CHEAPER ! Also most of the new windows computers are configured right away with Bing as a start page, so trust me… there are millions of customers to be found on Bing 😉

Why am i speaking of Bing and not only of Google ?

Because there are many sellhealth products that Google won’t allow you to promote !

Yeah… Because many of these products are supplements related to sexuality, and so it’s considered to be part of the Pharmaceutical Industry. What does it mean ? It means that for some products… Google is going to ask you for a Pharmacy Certificate… that of course you don’t have -_- Or they can also “judge” that your website is full of “bullshits” and “impossible claims”. Because these products can do some things like…

  • Make You Smarter
  • Enlarging your Penis without surgery

And Google don’t trust things like that… Google is just going to think that you’re another scammer affiliate.

But on the other side… Bing will accept much more things than Google.
Trust me i’ve tried Bing… and there are plenty of little tricks to bypass their “moderation team” 😉

Where you will have a hard time advertising for VigRX Plus on Google… it will be easy as a cake with Bing !

So My final note is 5 :

Sellhealth Network is a LEGIT way to Make Money for… Basically Everyone !

Ok you have read it all ! So it’s Time to Give Sellhealth a Try, just click here! (opening in a new window)

So… what do you think of it ? Have you positive or negative things to tell about this ?
Well then it would be a pleasure to receive your questions and comments below ! 🙂

Dr. Mark Butcher

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