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But… What is SemenaX ? Answer in Video !

SemenaX is the most accomplished Sperm Volume Supplement on the market !

not only does it increase sperm, it’s improving your reproduction system ! Best Seller on the online market since years, SemenaX have raised the chance for couples to make babies ! Now it’s our turn to propose you the Best Price you will ever find concerning SemenaX


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⭐ What can SemenaX do for You ? ⭐

Make Your Orgasms Last longer and longer !

Orgasms are no more reserved to women, now men can enjoy it as well ! What’s the relation between sperm volume and pleasure ? Simple ! Male orgasm happens during ejaculation at the famous point of no return, when he just can’t hold anymore as many of his muscle groups are contracting simultaneously to bring him to orgasm !

These muscles Includes pubococcygeus muscle (sorry for the scientific term !), but also anal sphincter, rectum and perineum, but also the ejaculatory ducts and all little muscles around the penis ! As you can see there are a lot of things involved to create the male orgasm.

These contractions are the key to deliver the load of semen.

At the beginning, there are few intense contractions and very close together !

That’s when a man feels he is going to ejaculate !

As when orgasm continues, these contractions are diminishing in intensity and duration, and are less frequent. However, the larger the volume sperm available, the more contractions you’re going to feel when ejaculating — Meaning the contractions will be as much stronger and intense, as the volume of semen will be bigger.

But more than just volume ! Semenax™ supplementation enhances all aspects of a man reproductive system ! Some men are actually consuming Semenax, to get a better chance to have babies with their wife as their semen quality is improved !

The male sexual system is a complex web assembled of different parts — and to reach the ultimate orgasm, each of these parts must be in good health. As we said earlier, Semenax not only increases volume of cum… that would be useless or only for men acting in porn movies ! Instead it also improves all the functions of every vital parts of a man.

Ejaculatory Ducts : The road through seminal glands that your semen is shot during orgasm !

Epididymis : It’s like a ‘gun chamber’ where semen produced, matures slowly waiting to be launched.

Testicles : Located in the scrotum, their task is to produce both sperm and testosterone. Within each of these testes is a long way of ducts called the seminiferous tubules. These organs are very important as they generate sperm !

Prostate Gland: Produces the fluid that makes up with semen. It’s other function is also to prevent urine from mixing with the semen, and so avoid disturbing the pH balance of sperm.

Seminal Vesicles: They produce semen, a fluid melding with sperm that activates and protects it after leaving the penis during ejaculation.

Vas Deferens: Ducts going from the epididymis to seminal vesicles.

Semenax™ nourishes and tonifies all of these !

We have researched, tested and developed this one TOP formula, to care about all these areas – naturally and safely. Potency and Fertility are also what men are buying SemenaX for !

With Semenax™, you can expect :

  • A greater Quality of sperm

  • An improved Motility of sperm

  • A Reversal of low sperm count

  • An improved production of your volume ! from 100% to 400% !

Semenax™ increases Volume of fluid, but also volume and health of sperm !

Your ejaculation is not only bigger, impressive and pleasurable ! But you can also expect it to be much more potent.

As we said above, the male orgasm involves contractions of many muscle groups. And these are what is making orgasms so pleasurable, so the more contractions you experience, the more pleasure you get ! The number of contractions directly depends on the amount of semen you ejaculate during your orgasms. The more ejaculate fluid you got, the more intense your orgasms are.

This is not the only benefit of increased amounts of Sperm. The chances of conception increase as well, which is perfectly logical. Also there is a psychological benefits for both you and your partner, as you both find much more pleasures when you ejaculate in huge amounts. Your partner will feel he/she played the key role in this, and it will make him/her much more confident and which will increase their desire for sex. Generally the amounts of semen varies greatly from one man to another, and they are usually not that awe-inspiring. Luckily Semenax can now produce the desired amounts of semen for every men !

Semenax is all natural that has been developed over years for research, by some of the most respectable experts. Their goal was mainly to the increase the amount of semen and they succeed ! Being all natural this formula is risk-free, not known for any side effects, and being perfectly fit for use by every guy out there.

Many ingredients are used to create Semenax !

That’s why it’s so powerful and so efficient in the end :

Here is a non-exhaustive list : Swedish flower, L-Carnitine, Maca, L-Arginine HCL, L-Lysine, Zinc Oxide, Epimedium Sagittatum, Pumpkin seed, Zinc aspartate, pine bark extract, Catuaba Bark, etc… These ingredients have been specifically chosen for their efficiency to increase the volume of produced semen.

All of these ingredients have been in used for centuries, by different cultures from around the world, to benefit the male reproductive system. Each of these ingredients are playing an important part, all are bringing their own improvements to the amounts of semen being produced. Some of them are stimulating the production of male hormone testosterone, while others are are increasing sperm motility. Some others promote healthy sex organs and glands…

Finally the rest of these ingredients are improving men energy levels and sex appetite. As a result you can rest assured that all of these ingredients are important, and that SemenaX is a Top working supplement when it comes to increasing the volume of sperm.

In conlusion If a man is looking to increase his capacity of ejaculation, to improve the mutual pleasure with his partner, or if he simply wish to make his sexual activity an even greater experience, then tell him to go for Semenax and start experiencing sex the way he was always supposed to. Most of the people consuming SemenaX are generally going for the Diamond Package of 12 bottles, because SemenaX takes time to implement in your body, and the more you take SemenaX the more results you get !

⭐ We received many reviews from SemenaX Customers ! ⭐

Woaw ! just Woaw !! This supplement is awesome, clearly it changed my sexual life from 1 to 10 ! Or maybe 3 to 10… well you get the idea ! My Sperm quantity have increased by the double, it’s really incredible !

At the beginning i thought i had made a mistake… Because i didn’t know Semenax wasn’t a male enhancement :-/ In fact i heard about you on a porn website, i saw a video where was written, and so i believed it was a supplement for performances, and not specifically for orgasm and sperm volume. But in the end i must admit it’s a great product for intense pleasures ! But next time i’ll try your VigRX plus to compare the effects.

My girl wanted to be showered in sperm… Shouldn’t say that but it’s the truth and we’rer all anonymous here ^_^ After more than 4 months of SemenaX i managed to give her what she wanted !

Love Semenax ! I was taking Extenze Plus before but semenax seems to work better for me. My Climax are far better and my wife loves it ! Didn’t think it would make her so naughty 😉

Working good, maybe even better than the competition called Semenhance. Thanks for the 10% refund.

Hello and thanks for the 10% money back ! I knew semenax while watching some porn videos, no shame in that 😉 And there was this link at the bottom of the video… It was SemenaXCode or wait… yeah that’s it ! Are you from the same company ? or maybe competitors ? In fact you’re selling the product for the very same price. Cheers !

My pool of semen is replenishing quicker. Before i had to wait for 48 hours to see my bags full of sperm… now i only wait for some hours, and i feel i can go back for one more round ! Excellent product for sure… Beware it’s pretty messy rofl !

I know Semenax since years, and now i am buying it on loadmyblog for the automatic 10% money back. 40$ back is a very good deal considering that… in years of buying my full year package, i never saw anyone else on the net giving me back my money. Plus it’s the same product, no imitation, still the old good booster i know from my younger years.

Not sure it worked on me… My volume of sperm have increased but maybe not that much. Is it because i only bought 1 month ?

Just wanted to say that Bodybuilding and Semenax are 100% compliant. I am a bodybuilder and on one side i am taking products which are not particularly good for my health… (bodybuilding) and on the other side Semenax, and it’s little army of natural ingredients, is giving me back all the necessary nutrients for my body to be sexually efficient.

After using many fat burners to lose weight, i’ve noticed my sperm to be not as consistent as it was months ago. I lost weight sure, but my semen was so liquid i just couldn’t hold back after 2 minutes of sex ! I understood the problem while reading some forum posts. As first it was really scary because i thought i was becoming sterile ! Fortunately not… It was just a temporary side-effect from the fat burners. And by using Semenax for 1 month i was able to retrieve the right sperm consistence.

After 1 month of supplementation the results are not so good… I bought the 3 bottles package so i hope it’s not another scam.

Great supplement if you have a little slut in your bed ! Not sure it’s a good idea if your woman is too shy though lol. Very happy with what it did to my balls ! eheheh !!!

My own male orgasms have doubled ! I can feel many more contractions now. When i am cumming it’s like i am dying sometimes ! That’s a great feeling and i am completely exhausted at the end ! Maybe SemenaX is helping us men to enjoy what women are enjoying since the dawn of time… real orgasms !

Expensive and slow to change your body… 1 month before i had any noticeable results c’mon ! But it’s true that once it begins to fill your body… your orgasms are wreaking havoc !

Before Semenax i couldn’t please my partners (i change often…) as much as i wanted to. Now it’s not an issue anymore. Semenax is much more than a simple supplement to throw loads of semen. For people like me who are taking strong products to grow muscles, it’s now a partner for life ! When you’re serious about gaining muscles, the common drawback is a poor sexual activity… Thanks to SemenaX it’s now over.

⭐ SemenaX Ingredients and Dosage ⭐

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