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Did Stanley Kubrick inspired the Ipad ?!?

by Marco.

Today i was watching an old movie of Stanley Kubrick, that i had never seen before… yeah it happens ! There are so many Cinema Classics which have been realized before i was born, that i am sure i missed a lot of them !

And there was this little scene, where the 2 astronauts were eating their meals on a table next to… what looked like 2 black tablets to me ! (with some buttons at the bottom… but still closer to a tablet look than a laptop) And on each of these tablets, they were watching a video ! It was an interview made prior to their space mission.

Let’s put that in the context… we’re in 1968 and Steve Jobs is 13 or 14 years old 😉 And in my mind it went very fast ! Maybe the Ipad, maybe the whole Tablet concept… was a child’s dream ! And once the child became an adult, he managed to realize it ! Maybe ! After all why not ? 😉

That was the thought of the day ! 😀

Dr. Mark Butcher

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