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Over the last years, several clinical Tests on more than 200+ men have showed 71.43% Improvement with Intercourse Satisfaction!

For men who wish to enjoy bigger, but also harder and longer-lasting erections instantly, there’s now VigRX Plus®.

VigRX Plus is better and Safer than Viagra as it’s 100% natural ! You see, Instead of taking a pill before having sex with your partner, and then forced to wait for the results to kick in… With VigRX Plus™ you simply take 2 little pills on breakfast and lunch and you’re done !

Then, over period of 30 days, this 100% natural herbal formulation builds up in your system… And you’ll soon begin to experience:

  • A significant increase in your sexual desire…
  • Harder, thicker erections when you need them…
  • Impressive stamina improvement and control…
  • And of course the most intense orgasms you’ve ever felt !

And there’s no need to worry any side effects ! There are only benefits !
VigRX Plus™ is safe and 100% natural. and doctor endorsed !

Here are some Results From Our First Ever Clinical Study!

It was the very first clinical study of its kind, testing with hundreds of real men, VigRX Plus™ proved to be a winner!

Customers testimonials are showing us since more than 11 years that VigRX Plus™ works. Hundreds of testimonials all around the world, but also proven scientific facts ! As we told you at the beginning, we’ll give you both proofs and results !

The Results in our studies showed :

  • 62.82% Increase for men to maintain their erections
  • 58.97% Improvement in ability to penetrate partner
  • 22.49% Improvement in frequency and quality of orgasms
  • 71.43% Increase in intercourse satisfaction
  • 47.00% Improvement in sex drive and sex appetite
  • 61.00% Increase satisfaction about their sexual activity

VigRX Plus™ formulation put a fresh twist on the already #1 rated VigRX™ Daily Supplement by adding NEW, powerful and potent ingredients. First is called Damiana and second is Bioperine.

Damiana was used long ago before our modern society, by the Mayans and Europeans respectively to increase couple libido and treat the erectile dysfunction. Bioperine acts on a different way, it has been clinically proven to safely raise the absorption of the nutrients that it’s combined with, that means consuming Bioperine with any other ingredients, is going to increase the benefits of these ingredients. That’s why VigRX Plus is so powerful !

What Good Results Can You Expect ?

Many guys tell us that they begin feeling the effects of VigRX Plus™ within 7 days of beginning supplementation.

Realistically, however, we encourage you to consume VigRX Plus for at least 30 days, before feeling truly significant changes in the quality of your erection, but also stamina and of course sex drive. It takes time for these ingredients to build up in your system, you see your body is a marvel of nature… but like anything new it needs time to adapt.

  • After 30 days consuming VigRX Pills, you can already see changes in the hardness of your erections ! You also feel an improved stamina, lif if you could go on for longer than before, and a significant increase in your desire for sex.
  • After 60 days, you can expect noticeable increases concerning the width and length of your erection, due to a constant increasing blood flow to your erectile tissues, begins to create real changes you can see in your penis size.
  • After 90 days, You can enjoy consistency of performances ! And the more you continue, the better it becomes !

Remember just one important thing : If you stop taking VigRX Plus™, ingredients will slowly leave your system. As an example if you consumed VigRX Plus for 3 months, it will be efficient for a 4th month but after that it will gradually leave your system. So daily supplementation is essential after 90 days if you plan to maintain a good quality of Erection.

We’d like to mention that if your goal is about sexual performances, and not penis enlargement, then it would be more interesting for you to choose Prosolution Plus. Many men who just want to fuck like in porn movies are taking it.

The effects of VigRX Plus are temporary, as we wanted to give you the choice to go back to Square one anytime you feel it. As a last example if you consume VigRX Plus for a full year, the effects will last at least for 18 months ! That’s why most men are choosing directly the VigRX Plus Diamond Package of 12 boxes ! It’s lasting longer and also cheaper !

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Money back guarantee did work… Made a mistake and bought the 12 boxes but it was too much, just wanted to test the product first. So i called leading edge health, sent back the shipment, been refunded and then i went for the 3 boxes only. Not a waste of money, it truly works if you want a bigger penis. Much better than Penis Enlargement Pumps…

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